Keeping A Healthy Diet

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How do you keep a healthy diet? It is very important to keep a healthy diet, with a healthy diet you attain a healthy weight,protect you from life threatening  diseases (heart disease, kidney/liver failure and disorders) and promoting your overall health and lifestyle,You can keep a healthy diet by following these tips:
  • Always eat a balanced meals rich in fiber,proteins, vegetables..sources of fiber include: basmati rice or brown rice, oats, wheat; protein:  fish, lean meat, chicken, tofu beans, cheese,yoghurt; vegetables: carrot, broccoli,spinach, cabbage…
  • Drink lots of water…always start your day with a cup of water..drinking water 30mins before and after a meal can aid in easy digestion and bowel movements…Home remedies to indigestion and constipation
  • Eat less and Eat slowly…. Controlling your portions is very important it is better for you to eat is small quantities between and in between meals than to eat one large portion of food, endeavor to eat slowly also helps in easing  digestion of the food..
  • Avoid carbonated drinks…. They contain a lot sugars that you don’t need in your body also fats and they feel your body with gas and calories making you add unnecessary..
  • Dont skip meals…the most important meal of the day is breakfast, it can provide you with the energy to use during the day and boost brain function..
  • Color your food with Vegetables and fruits…. Salads are rich in vitamins and minerals they also contain less calories ..
  • Make your own food..  Making your own food would help you know what your foods contain and the estimate of your calorie intake .
  • Eat foods that contain fiber..  Fibers are good for you. Stick to it for a healthy diet☝
  • Eat greens…… Veggies should become your best,they are rich in vitamins you can’t readily get from All them processed trash they call food. 
  • Control your sugar intake….Excess sugar in the body is bad for the health ,it is important to control your sugar intake it is better to take sugar from natural sources like fruits
  • Dont eat late night foods…..At nights the body is meant to rest so metabolism is low.
  • Always read labels…packaged products often contain ingredients that are relatively bad so reading labels will help a lot…
If  you follow these you are on your way to developing a healthy lifestyle and with a healthy lifestyle you are sure to live a long and healthy life….. Please help promote this blog by sharing through the social media icons below LIKE-COMMENT Follow my blog by clicking on the bottom right icon/ scroll down to follow and stay up to date Connect with me on InstagramTwitter   Thanks for reading

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