10 Movies that made my 2017|Dec 12th

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     Welcome to the december blog challenge. This is the first day of the Challenge and i’ll be sharing with you 10 Movies that made my 2017.. As a die hard movie lover what better way can I end the year than to remember all the amazing movies I’ve seen this year. They’re a lot but just these ten stuck to me.I hope you enjoy reading this. Are you also a movie lover?,  Have you seen any of these movies?, If yes what did you love about them?. Let’s get started guys; 
  1. Kingsman:Golden Circle
    I absolutely love this movie, after seeing its first part ( Kingsman: Secret Service)  I knew this one was going to be a bomb. I give credits more to the specs developers because the gadgets and all that cool stuffs they used plus the movie edits was just epic.. I couldnt predict a single move, they kept refreshing me with action and I love action. My favorite character in this movie is Ergsy dont know if I spelt it right but anyway I love his character majorly because of his sexy british accent. Like am i the only one that finds british accent sexy?. The way he carried himself was also great, he wasnt one of those well built guys you would see and just know he’s good at fighting. He is the kind of guy you look down on and he ends up beating up your ass.. How can I forget to mention the villian, who is a woman. She makes her hamburger patty from human flesh which she grinds in a massive meat grinder (like OMG).. Her goal was to infest the world with a deadly virus with which only she has a cure to, well she didnt succeed cause the kingsman and the statesman where there to stop her. If you havent seen this movie you really should, i dont want to be a spoiler so i’ll just stop here. “Manners Maketh Man”-?  2. Guardians of the Galaxy 2           I really enjoyed this movie, from the sound track they used on all fighting scenes to the movie specs was just awesome.. I think I would award this movie for being the best out of earth movie. The concept of how each planet represented a different culture was brilliant and made the movie more alive. The costume designer and make up artist really out did themselves. Is it weird that my favorite Character in this movie was the villian (he’s a brain) and much love for the talking plant groot which was voiced by Van diesel and all it could say was ” I am Groot “. I really anticipated this movie from the first part which was great but this one was better, i’m expecting a Part 3..  If you havent seen this one you really should.   3.  Bay Watch This movie was quite cool. They all just wanna catch the bad guys. Is it me or does Zac Efron misbehave a lot in movies before he realizes what his life is meant for and starts doing something about…. My favorite moment was how they blew up the Villian and her crew with fire works. My favorite character was Dwayne Johnson ” The rock “. Outside his amazing body build, he always took charge in his movies. He has this cool personality and charisma in his movies, I wonder if thats how he is on norms. Any movie that has him in it, is sure to be watched by me.. I also loved their team work, there’s no better way to win ( a round of applause for them Bay watchers ). They’re not just Life guards they’ve got a higher calling from above to watch the bay.. You should see this movie. 4. Spiderman: Homecoming                    I enjoyed the movie cause it was funny to watch and its not even a comedy, it was just a bit predictable. Tony Starks could have done better. What better way to end the movie than to invite spiderman to join the Avengers. I also got to realize that spiderman has no web without the web shooters, I always thought it was because of the spider bite so he had web in him and only needed the web shooters to help direct his web. What a way to kill spiderman for me, other than that I genuinely enjoyed the action. It was crazy poor spiderman had a lot to learn and ofcourse he made a lot mistakes. Tony Starks just seemed to be after his gain and to protect his name as the leading crime fighter, wasnt gonna let some idiot jeopardize that but it turned out that no one would have been able to do it if not the Amazing Spiderman. Spiderman always gets the hottest girl in school even when he isnt as cute, well its just a movie. 5. Barcelona: Love Untold                    This is a philipine movie. Lately the philipines have toped up their movie game which is cool. I think they’re beating telemundo in their romantic movies, like this movie made me cry. It was shot in spain, adding a dash of español made it more catchy. Two people coming to spain in hope for a better life later end up falling in love. The guy has a hard time letting go of his ex as his whole life and ambitions were centered on what she wanted, but the problem is she is late and the girl he meets in Barcelona turned out to look like her a lot. He made mistakes, took her like she was his Ex and thought of her quite a lot leaving almost no place in his heart for his Ex’s look alike to be, as she loved him dearly. She had to leave him and that was when he realized he was in love with her too. The movie just gave me the chills, really good chills.  6. Wonder Woman         Legendary badass.  I always love it when woman are given such empowering roles,  it’s not everyday you see a woman as a Super Hero. I always wonder why we are overlooked and underated, thats a story for another day. The future of justice really began with her. She trusted her feelings and thats  what made her fight strong,  her believe in love gave her the strength to win. Love really is a powerful force it can work for good and evil, but her’s was good love and made her save the world. It was really sad that she ended up alone.  In real life its always so, when a woman gets her heart broken she fights back to make her life better and when she becomes successful and powerful, for some reason that scares guys away because they see her as a challenge. Like why do guys have to be like that and not just be happy you’re successful, they just have to be chickens ??. Every feminist fighter should be like her.  Anyway the villian of the movie being a guy tried to play her using her head and trying to turn her away from what is good, but she realized she was a god and what she was fighting for was stronger and she wasnt going to let her Lover’s life go in Vain. This was a really great movie, I even watched it twice.  The scenary played beautufully, and her powers was just so cool.  It’d be great to act a movie like that.  If you havent seen this movie, what are you waiting for?.  If you have, what did you think about it?  7. Girl’s Trip     I love this movie . Regina Hall is an amazing woman and this role wouldnt have gone to no other person than her. I admired her strength to put up with her lieing husband not only because they’d built an empire and a name as partners, she loved him or was it just for the press?, well I dont know. Her trip with her bestfriends from back in the day made her realize alot about herself, that she wasnt alone and that she had amazing friends who always got her back. They had fun and I mean black girls getting high kind of fun. Tiffany Haddish was the life of the movie, she didnt know bullshit, didnt take bullshit but she spat bull shit.  Her character was just on point,  she was funny,  crazy, daring and she always let’s loose like all the way loose. Well Jada was an uptight divorcee with kids,  who hasnt had fun in a while ( no a long time)  and needed her friends to help her get loose. I didnt really like Queen Latifah in the movie, I felt like the role would have been better for someone else it didnt fit her personality ( I dont even know her personality ), anyway she did her best. My favorite scene in this movie was when Regina was giving a speech trying to cover her husbands ass on how he was not such a great husband and she saw her friends and realized he wasnt worth it. The Guy tried to keep her shut and was like “baby”,  she came at him and said “Sit your Ass Down”. The Guy deserved worse than that. If Regina told her friends to cut his **** off i’m sure they would have done. The Flossy Possy.. Go watch this movie, if you havent. If you have what did you think about it?  8. Life   Am I the only one that feels that scientist will kill us all one day in the name of research. Some knowledge’s are not meant to be known. This movie center’s around a group of scientist who left for space to research on the possible existence of life on another planet.  Well they found and it turned out to not be so charming as they thought it would be. Gave up their lives for this creature they brought to life, ended up killiing them in a very fashionable way, like it was too smart for them. They tried to preserve it in space but somehow it found it’s way to earth. I’m anticipating for a second part if there’s going to be. I want to see what would become of the world then. The amazing thing about the creature is that the more life it took the bigger it grew. Somehow I feel there are scientist trying to do this, I just hope they dont make a mistake that costs us all our lives. If you’re fan of horror,then you should see this movie.  If you have what did you think about it? 9. Where’s the Money

               This movie is to love. King Bach is really coming up this days. His father did bad shit with his uncle which sent them to jail but the thing was the police didnt find the money. Where they hid the money is now a fraternity house for white kids. His uncle gets out of jail and wants his money but King Bach’s dad also wants the money. King Bach wants the money too to help save the family business.  He had to join the Frat house, imagine him being the only blavk in an all white frat house ( you get the picture). I enjoyed the movie cause it was funny and had a bit of action. All the characters had their special way they brought the movie to life.  Like whats not to love in this movie.  If you havent  seen it you should. 

    10. BabySitter

    I absolutely love this movie. This is my favorite horror movie this year.  A 12yr old boy’s BabySitter turns out not to be who she says she is. she was actually a blood ritualist and wanted his blood for a ritual but he wasnt gonna come easy he had to fight to keep his life and he did, can’t say the same for his BabySitter and her crew. Who killed them?.  If you’ve seen the movie, i’m sure you know the answer to that.  Crazy thing King bach was in the movie as well as bella thorne, their characters was quite cool.  King bach didnt fancy people’s blood on him, he was scared of getting herpes or AIDs and Bella thorne on the other hand was so annoyed that she got shot on her breast it was really funny. I’d watch the movie again just for that scene. 

               Thats it guys, these are the 10 movies that made my 2017 lit. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing them.  If you havent seen any of these movies, I wonder why , you better go watch them before they get too old. I dont like to watch old movies. 

           If you’ve seen any of these movies would love to know what you think and how you felt about them in the comment section below

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