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4 Halloween makeup ideas to try

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Okay, permit me to say that this year’s Halloween rage has been crazy and makeup artists did not come to play. I myself carried my hate for not creating last year into this year and I almost took it on full force but my pharmacy exams stopped me. Although I was able to try out about three looks which I will leave later on here. If you follow me on the gram, I’m sure you would have seen the looks already. As you might know Halloween is on the 31st of October every year and it began as a way to honour the dead. I myself haven’t really experienced Halloween as I live in that part of the world where the holiday isn’t recognized, but there is something about Halloween that I love so much. Mothers preparing costumes for their kids to display, making them be anything they want, haunted house parties, Halloween themed park,the scary stories, the trick or treats, decorations and you also get to live your fantasy just for a day. It’s simply just amazing. If I was celebrating Halloween I would love to be pennywise from the movie “IT” who feeds on children’s fears. Now that’s creepy!!! From the amazing looks which makeup artists have been creating endlessly on Instagram and I got to pick my best. They’re quite easy to pull off and would really leave you standing out.

4 Halloween Make-up Ideas to try

These two look like they’re dead ass having fun…

1. Cat Face

I found this look from Jacques on Instagram and decided to recreate the look. He is really talented and you would love his energy, Check out his page here. So for the look I did add a few touches to mine to bring down the statement a bit.

Here’s my look:

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2. Skull Face

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I wish I knew who created this look to tell her how talented she is. I found this look and absolutely loved it. I attempted to create this look but didn’t get it quite well, it was the first look I tried and had to improvise on a lot of stuffs. It still came out well though.

Here’s my look:

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3. Pumpkin Face

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I tried the second one and again don’t know who she is but she is so talented. Found these pictures on Pinterest and gave one of them a try. I found it a bit difficult to pull of having to paint half my face which I’ve never done before.

Here’s my look:

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4. Pennywise from “IT”

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I absolutely love this look, I wasn’t able to do this look because I have been busy with exams and it’s been hectic. I literally get so excited about Halloween that I can’t even explain. There are tutorials for these looks on YouTube if you’d want to try them out, I would have done a tutorial but I don’t have a cam lol. Anyway I’ll leave a link below for you and please if you do try any look feel free to tag me (@my_yeka) .

Penny wise tutorial

Cat Face tutorial

Skull face tutorial

Pumpkin face tutorial

If you enjoyed reading this, I want to let you know that there is joy in sharing. Please share this post to anyone you think might enjoy. What are your plans for Halloween this year? Who are you going to be for Halloween? I would love to know in the comments.

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