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5 Amazing Benefits of Activated Charcoal

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  Activated charcoal is basically common charcoal with a twist, by having a toxin trap. Activated charcoal can be gotten from coconut husks and wood sawdust. The amazing benefits of activated charcoal rest on its preparation. Common charcoal contains toxins which are harmful to health and must be treated to its activated form before being used.

How is Activated Charcoal prepared?

Activated charcoal is prepared by exposing common charcoal to a gas at a high temperature. This process will cause the charcoal to develop internal spaces called pores. These pores help trap chemicals and toxins by adsorption within the activated charcoal molecules.

5 Amazing Benefits of Activated charcoal

1. Treats poisoning:
     The ability of Activated charcoal to trap toxins is well applied in the treatment of poisoning. Activated charcoal must be administered before the poison is absorbed by the body, that way it can be adsorbed while still in the stomach.

2. Lowers Cholesterol Levels:
     Activated charcoal when taken can adsorb cholesterol and bile acids present in the intestine before they are absorbed.

3. Prevent Hangovers:
     Activated charcoal when taken before high alcohol intake can reduce the effect and prevent Hangovers. Though there has been a controversy to this, some say activated charcoal has no effect on hangovers as it doesn’t adsorb alcohol.

4. Hair and Skincare:
    Activated charcoal poses to be good for the hair and skin, as it can bind to chemicals that are harmful to the body and hair. They can help remove product build-up from the hair. On the skin used to treat some skin problems caused by bad products.

5. Detoxifies and Prevents bloating:
     Activated charcoal binds to toxins in the gastrointestinal tracts and prevents them from being absorbed into the bloodstreams. Activated charcoal also possesses teeth whitening, treatment of acne and anti-aging properties.

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Side Effects of Activated charcoal

As to most things good, there must be a disadvantage when taken in excess. Like they say too much of everything is bad.
  • Tongue discolouration
  • Black stool
  • Stomach issues
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
Activated charcoal can be put to great use when taken in moderation, only then can you reap of its amazing properties. *This post is not sponsored.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below. Has activated charcoal helped you in any of the above ways? would love to know.

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  • Sarah G

    Hi Yeka, thought I’d pop by your blog. I’m very interested in activated charcoal but hesitant to take it without the support of my doctor or naturopath. Have you heard of it being beneficial for mold illness?

    • Yeka Asumah

      Hi Sarah,

      Activated charcoal can be beneficial for mold illness, as it can trap mycotoxins and help them be expelled from the body easily.
      It’s great you consult with your doctor first before trying anything.
      Thank you for stopping by…

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