5 fashion styles that took over 2017|Dec 13th

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Unlike 2016, 2017 didnt have much fashion statements. It just seemed like 2016 fashion was carried over to 2017 only that it was more trendy. I thought i’d find particular looks that slayed this year but the ones I found wernt that intrigueing at all. I’m not really into fashion but I still can tell what looks good and what doesnt, well i’m more of a top n jeans kind of girl. So instead i’ll be sharing with you five fashion styles that slayed 2017 in Nigeria. We Nigerians like to party and whats a party without a killing outfit. I hope you like them.. Disclaimer: I am not a fashion blogger so I dont know them fashion words.? I’ll try to be as descriptive as I can.
  1. OFF SHOULDER PALAVA – This one have reigned and tire, but it still never dies. Fashion designers always up their game with the best trying to keep it fresh. Gone are the days of two wrapper and blouse, i’m not sure people wear that much these days. If its not off shoulder you’re slaying then what else. I am so happy that Nigerian fashion has come up a lot, thumbs up for Naija.
2. PUFFY HANDED DRESS: I am not a fan of this style, the idea of my hand looking big is a no. Nevertheless, there have been people who pulled it off and made it slay. 3. FRINGES : I love this style, especially that feeling of your dress moving with you as your dancing can create the illusion of you being a great dancer. I think this style originated in the 90’s by the spanish people with their Magarita bands and salsa. What do you think? 4. ILLUSION DRESSES : I would only wear this when I get my dream body, until then I can only admire. 5. V- NECK : I absolutely love this dress. Adds so much detail to the neck line and doesn’t require neck accessories. I am not a fan of neck accessories so this I can wear. Read Also: 10 Movies That Made My 2017|Dec 12th
   That's it for today's entry.  I hope you liked it.  Let me know which style was your favourite and what other styles  do you love that weren't listed. Which of them did you rock this year
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