5 Lifestyle Choices I made in 2017|Dec 16th

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This was the year I realized a lot about who I am and I took to developing myself for the future I dream for. This made me make life changing choices that affected by lifestyle. Here are the five lifestyle choices I made this year.
  1. To be More Spiritual : For you to be successful at anything you do, you just have to know God, serve him and rely on him. For you’re nothing without him.
  2. Talk less think more : Talking a lot reduces action. If you talk less you won’t spill your plans or dreams to the wrong people. Thinking more helps you analyze, build on your plan and envision it working out. When you talk too much, you’re less in control of your words. I used to be a talkative, the overly hypertype but now I can count the words I say to people and I don’t talk to a lot of people now.
  3. Minding my own business : For someone like me who is so inquisitive this was difficult to do but I was able to find a way to mind my own business. Not minding your business can get you into trouble you know. You have to separate being caring from being Nosy, let people come to you and not you to them.
  4. To Never Give Up: I started my blog this year and at times when studies took control of me, I strongly fought the urge of giving up. Never Give Up
  5. No man is an Ireland : I was isolating myself from people who didn’t think like me, who didn’t have alike dreams like mine, who isn’t filled with ambition which was good. Then I realized no man is an Ireland and by socializing with people there are a lot of things to learn one way or the other. So choose your circle wisely and know who you socialize with. Don’t go making friends with the devil who only comes to steal, kill and destroy you.
That’s it for today’s blog challenge, I would like to know what lifestyle choice you’ve made this Year.

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