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 5 Reasons why You Shouldn't Go Natural & Reasons You Should

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     Many people battle with this thoughts; should I go natural or should I not❓, would my hair grow back❓, what if it never grows again❓, What if I can’t handle it ❔….My dear calm down❕. First of all, being natural or going natural is in fact a choice that only you can make for yourself.?*PS:Its a lifestyle nor a trend* ?                                                              By the time you have you would realize that its the best choice you’ve ever made..Before I decided to go down this part it took a lot of courage but yet again I had a good enough reason to go natural . Now here are the reasons why you think going natural is a bad idea and why I think its not;

1.   Fear of cutting your Hair and having to start over: This is a major problem for people who want to transition,I battled with this for long. My relaxed hair was pretty  long?..It wasnt easy starting over but I made it. Some people have slow hair growth so having to cut their hair is never an option in their book, if that’s your case there are products that can help your hair grow,supplements too. Other people feel they won’t look good on a natural hair maybe cause of the shape of their face or so but there are styles for everyone its left for you to channel into yours and be diverse if you dont look good on a short hair wear get a long hair ( natural hair extensions and weave-ins)?.

2. Can’t handle Maintenance: ah I will have to agree on this maintaining natural hair is a lot of work, like having to session wash day,in_cooperate a hair regime, surf between the different products,ah combing its not an easy game ( I have a full thick hair,if you relate?), cost of purchasing the high quality products.Em my hair regime is wohsky  when am nor on my protective style I basically wash my hair almost everyday (I.e COwash in the shower). There are variety of products that are high quality and also in affordable price like ORS products,they  are organic and affordable. Almost all my products are from them and they work my strands to the best?. 3. Are you Doing it For Yourself?:  Please and please again don’t transition cause your momma?,sis?,aunty?,uncle?,your sexy neighbor who you envy so much?,that sissy who always slays did?. If that’s why then you are totally wrong , ‘what works for the other just maynot not work for you’…If that sissy jumps of a cliff will you do to? You have to answer that for yourself.. Do not worry about what other people think let your guts speak do things for you, be you and you will rock that natural hair like no other?. 4. Ain’t got patience? : This is a key thing with naturalist, em you have to be patient to see result. You dont just cut your hair yesterday and expect the next day Bam! Full afro hair.It doesn’t work like that at all..lemme put it like this as a child? every development is a stage likewise your hair it grows in stages and its left for you to rock those stages in style before it gets to the next one & vice versa. I do miss my tinny winny afro days made me standout and all ( made my face pop, if you know what I mean?). Work with what you got, if you dont have patience I dont think you can make it work at all.If hairs had conscience I pretty much think they would be depressed by this? 5. If You think its easy being a natural: Its not easy being a natural,some find it easy and some don’t.I dont quite find it easy,well that’s why its a journey which later on becomes a will learn new things as you grow and if you not one who likes to try new things. blehh❗❎. Understanding your hair and what it needs will help you to give ithat hair some TLC?.                 If the above reasons apply to you then you really shouldn’t transition. Take your time to understand yourself and know you are doing it for the right reasons and the ones that will favor you . The  reason why I transitioned was based on me having heat damage,I lost my edges to the use of bad relaxers cause my hair was always selective, my hair length was so uneven I was never able to pack it to a pony tail. I have a fast growing hair (?thanks to mom gene),I wasn’t scared of cutting it after transitioning for six months I graciously cut my hair myself ?? and I have never regretted that choice not even for one day, now I can rock my hair however I want and trust me I always look good on it. The journey so far has been great and promises better things for the future.. Am I ever going to cut my hair? No I don’t think so. The texture of my hair is so on point thanks to ORS, am blessed with lovely curls (difficult to comb through sometimes but yet again I don’t care I’ve got TLC in my hands?). I hope this post have helped you with your choices and if it has please like and share (its nor buy and sell?), you never know who you will reach out to…If you wanna keep up with my blog, follow through the bottom left icon. Thank You     

I Am Yeka Asumah, An ordinary girl from Nigeria with big dreams. I love to write, read, learn and try new things every day. I enjoy the ability to air my voice out, expressions and being able to inspire people with my little thoughts. I hope to one day create an atmosphere where people can drop their challenges and together help solve them... I am on a journey to success and greatness. I would like for you to join me on that journey.


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