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A Simple Skincare Routine to Get Rid of Acne

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        One of my goals this year is to have a near flawless skin, near because I don’t want a perfect skin. Sounds cliche but yeah, no one is born without flaws and as much as we want to reject them they take on the bigger part of our being, having us obsess over them the more. I decided to love every corner line and round brown spots on my body, with that love I’m working on it every day.

       My face went from great to good and then to bad. It broke me because I was obsessed with my face and I believe it was out of that obsession I made it go bad, out of the bad choices I made. I made those bad choices because I wanted the quick way out. I wanted to see a clear face in a day, I wasn’t ready for the wait and looking at the mirror not seeing what I wanted to see annoyed me the more.

     This is an acne breakthrough story and everything I’m going to say you’ve probably already heard it before but they worked for me out of consistency and faith.  Although my face is not flawless but I can boldly say it’s close to being near.

       To begin, there are certain things you must stop doing and I stand with ‘’must’’.

Stop seeing your face with your hands.

This is something I did consistently, I was fond of rubbing every corner of my face looking for the slightest imperfection that isn’t actually as bad as it felt.  After the search and find, I finish up by operating on it with my nails and the next day I’m mooning over my mistake on the mirror. Now on the mirror it looks way bad.

What I’m trying to say is, stop touching your face and look at the mirror. I’m not saying looking at the mirror is better but face them problems with your eyes not your hands. Not only do your hands make them worse by poking but you transfer germs from God knows where.

Wash your face twice a day.

I didn’t say three times a day. Why it’s not three because you would be stripping your face off it’s natural oils causing it to produce more oil which can later clog the pores and lead to a break out.

Understand your skin.

If you understand your skin well, you would know the kind of things to stay off.You should know if you have an oily skin, dry skin, normal or combination skin. Like my skin for example is a Combination skin but more on the oily side and an oil based product would only cause breakouts. Always opt for non- comodogenic products, they are products that do not clog pores. Also stick to products with less harsh chemicals like alcohol.

Your diet is also important.

If you consume a lot of fatty and dairy products you’re sure to have acne breakouts. Keep your diet clean with fruits rich in vitamins like Vit E, C, A & vegetables, and see your skin become cleaner.

It was only when I got in control of all these that I began to see changes.

Stick to minimal products.

What I’m trying to say is stop being a product hoard. Using too many products can create real-time problems for your skin and you wouldn’t even know the start or the end of it, but if you are using minimal products at least you can pinpoint the actual product that’s causing your skin problems and cut it right out. The best thing to do here is to introduce new products one at a time.

Master the skill of product testing.

A good product must have pH below 6 on the pH scale, so a pH test can be a good way of knowing if a product would be good or not. One can also carry out a patch test to see how your skin reacts to the product.

Keep your hair clean. Your pillow-case clean, change it at least once a week. Stop worrying about your skin. There are no quick ways and trust the process.

Learn to be confident in your own skin, no matter what people say love thy self.


This is a step wise routine and each step is important. They all should be performed twice a day I.e morning and night for effective results. These are steps I follow and have worked for me, I would like to know things or methods you have tried that has helped you get rid of acne.


This is right about the most important step in this routine because one of the major causes of acne is dirt and when there is dirt, bacteria would be that clingy friend you don’t like. It is important to deeply cleanse your skin twice a day to get rid of the build up dirt, bacteria, excess oil from makeup products or excess production from the skin for people with oily skin.

Cleansing can be done with the use of face wash, cleansers, soaps and gels. Any of these products shouldn’t be harsh to the skin and should be able to do the job perfectly without drying out the skin.

I used to use black soap on my face, but I found out it made my face dry out the more and made me breakout more. I stopped using it and opted for mild tropical soaps that aren’t harsh to my sensitive skin, but still cleanses my skin well.


This is optional though but it helps to balance the pH of the skin. Even skin tone and tighten the pores.


This is done to remove the dead skin cells that build-up on our skin overtime. It is highly adviced that you exfoliate not more than once a week. Exfoliation can be done physically or chemically.

Physical exfoliants include various forms of salts, scrubs and sugars combined with natural products that are as well good for the skin. My all time favourite exfoliating recipe is lemon juice, honey and brown sugar. It’s really amazing for your skin, not abrasive as the honey helps to soothe the skin.

Chemical exfoliant include; Beta hydroxyl acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and alpha hydroxyl acid. Aestheticians say they are the best for exfoliation as they readily take of the dead skin cells faster and less abrasive than physical exfoliants but they often leave your skin red and more sensitive to damage from sun rays. If you’re going for this form of exfoliant, be sure to pack your sunscreen along with you.

Antioxidant Serum:

This is highly needed for skin regeneration and also for dealing with hyperpigmentation. I use a DIY vitamin E serum made with Vit E capsules, it really helps to even out my skin tone, remove fine lines and acne spots.

Eye cream:

As you may know the skin around the eyes are softer and lighter than the rest, so special care should be taken in that area especially with the kind of products you use there. Eye creams help to keep the under eye relaxed or any part of the eye relaxed, preventing wrinkles and eye bags.

Acne/spot treatment:

Medicaments like Retin A, Doxycycline, Benzoyl peroxide are some of the acne/spot treatments products that are famous for their effectiveness. Benzoylperoxide is used with Doxycycline to prevent bacteria resistance. Doxycycline and Retin A are effective medicaments used in combating acne causing bacteria. Retinoids cause the skin to be sensitive to UV rays and so should be used at night. Benzoyl peroxide is an effective spot treatments as it makes acne dry up, tightens the pores, prevents break out and fades acne scars.


Replenishes your skin with moisture and keeps it looking vibrant and soft. Always opt for an oil-free non- comedogenic product preferably one with sunscreen.


As much as the sun can provide us with Vitamin D, it also contains harmful rays that can cause our skin to age faster and make us more prone to developing cancer. To prevent all this, we need to add sunscreen to our daily routine.

Now, this is how I combine all this into a routine.

      I start my day by cleansing my skin with my papaya soap but on every other day I make use of my St Ives Acne Control Apricot scrub ( Oil-free salicylic acid acne medication) first before cleansing my face. While my face is still damp, I apply my Vit E serum evenly over my face. I don’t use an eye cream but I’m hoping to find one good enough, so I can add it to my routine. So if you have one in mind, please let me know. I use Retin A once in a while maybe like once in a week or two weeks, but when I had more breakouts, I was using it everyday. I Use a Moisturizer with suncreen which I use only during the day. At night my routine ends with either my acne treatment or my Vit E serum and that’s what works for me. I like to keep it simple and my methods havent failed me yet.


The products above are what I have tried and used. They worked for me doesn’t necessarily mean they will work for you. We all have different skins and it is important you understand yours so you can better select products that will be right for you. Always test out a product before using. Seek professional advice, if you can’t get it right on your own. There might be an underlying medical issue causing your acne and dealing with that should then be your priority.

Follow this stepwise routine and you’ll surely be on your way to having flawless skin. Remember to trust the process and don’t stress over quick results.

If you enjoyed reading this, please share it to friends and family who would also benefit from this.

Thank you.

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