Welcome to myyeka,
  This is a blog that features natural hair, health, fitness, and lifestyle, targeting problems in all these areas. We hope to reach out to people having problems with their personality and life, providing moral support and inspiration…
     My Dear naturalists looking for a blog to tackle your ish, you are at the right place.
Also as one in the medical field, expect to see healthcare insights, subsequently other features will be added as the blog progress such as news update, entertainment and fashion I look forward to it and I hope you do too.
      A little about me
           My name is Yeka Asumah, a soon to be pharmacist from Nigeria. Aside from chemistry and finding the cure to diseases, i believe there is a bigger ailment we all suffer from and that is our mind. Our mind is so powerful and be it down or high, it holds our strength. I’ve always loved to write and writing has been the only way for me to express myself. I don’t like to talk about myself, so it’s almost like there is nothing to say but one thing I enjoy doing is watching movies and I can do it all day.

      Thank you for checking in I hope you enjoy your experience.
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