April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas

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   It’s April the 1st people!

 The day of pranks, practical jokes, silliness, and skits. Do you know how this day came to be?.  April fool’s day started in the 16th century as King Charles IX introduced the Gregorian calendar in 1582. The first day of the year formally celebrated on April 1st was changed to January 1st. Some people who continued to celebrate the new year on April first were regarded as fools. Then it became commonplace to play jokes on these people. Therefore, April fools day was born..

Now for the real deal, how can you make someone an April Fool 


Its easy with these simple prank ideas ;

1. Fake poop prank-

You would be wondering how can you make a fake poop?!. First of all, you get a toilet paper, roll it to the shape of a poop then finally soak it coffee, not hot coffee, you don’t want the paper too soggy. Get it out of the coffee, mold it and thereafter let to dry. Install the product in a visible place, somewhere your targets can reach to touch and observe their amazing reaction. How would you feel if you touched a poop? Disgusting right?

2. The good old stick note prank- 

This is common with teenagers because they like really silly, kinds of stuff. You can do this by writing a note with a big caption. It can say: kick me, give me a hug, a wedgie, race my shirt, pull my skirt or pants, peck me, hold my hand and so many others. Try to be creative here, this would make the prank stand out.

 3. Fake Door Knob-

 I like this one a lot. I want you to picture a situation where you get to the door that’s closed (obviously) and try to open it. Omg! I just broke the doorknob!. The panic, the worry! How am I going to fix this oh someone’s going to kill me!… That kind of reaction is epic for a prank. Give the fake doorknob a try.

4. Fake wall-

All you have to do is get a board cut out to the shape of your door and color of the wall. Make sure to have a replacement for the door  (I.e a board that looks like your door). Here’s the scenario; I walk to the door I try to open it but instead a flat board falls right onto my face and trying to get myself together, I go ahead to rest on the wall and recover from the fall, then I also fall flat on my butt on the other board inside the room!. Epic right?

5. Do you know a honey lover

If you do, get melted sugar mixed with a thick syrup and replace the persons honey with it. See if the person can spot the difference?.?

6. Cup Prank-

 Cups always get turned over after use. Imagine a turned cup with water in it and someone raises the cup for use and the water spills all over the place.???

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7.  Crush prank-
Tell a random person you know that you are in love with them and hear what they have to say.

8. Tell your family you are married to an atheist or you are changing religion or leave a suicide note-  

Please if you would be leaving a suicide note, please be in the room while they read it just hide somewhere close that way you can easily come out to surprise them, in other to prevent attending an unintended funeral.

 Which prank would you be trying on your friends or family out of the ones above?  


 These are all the prank ideas I could come up with, I hope you liked them. Do you have any prank suggestions you’d like to share that I could also try out? Do leave a comment below
Thanks for reading 
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