Are they Worth the Hype?

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  In this Segment of “are they worth the hype”, I would be talking about the famous L.A Girls Pro.concealer based on my personal experience. I am in no way promoting the brand as this post is not sponsored, nor does it contain affiliate links. How would I rate the PRO.concealer – On the scale of 10, I feel it deserves a 7. I hope am being fair?. Well the concealer is a high definition type and by this its long lasting. When used right it blends properly and gives a good highlight. Its constituency is moderately viscose, not too thick and not too light which makes it fairly easy to work it  There are varieties of colors for every skin tone ranging from the darkest to the fairest, this is why it is sought out by all. Why I Like the PRO.concealer- I like it because its long lasting, it doesn’t give patches (by patches I mean when a product isn’t evenly distributed like a spot was omitted or something), Its really great for contouring and brow definition. Why I dont like the PRO.concealer- It dries up easily and too quickly if I must add. I can’t apply the concealer to two brows and blend it out one at a time, I have to work with one, bottom to top before moving to the next. I also find it difficult to blend. If its not evenly distributed, it won’t blend evenly. It doesn’t give a full coverage, if you want to use it regularly. Instead opt for the color corrector, I would talk about the color corrector on another segment. Would I recommend the PRO.concealer- I use it, so Yes!. I wouldn’t recommend something I haven’t tried or don’t already use. Its a good product and I encourage you to try it.
I achieved this look with the LA Girls PRO.concealer
This is my review. If you would like to try out the products, you can purchase one at your local cosmetic shops and online. Please watch out for fakes, don’t buy a PRO.concealer without a protective seal, it just might be a fake. Well that raps it up. I would like to know what you think about the product?, If you have tried it?     Please help promote this blog by sharing through the social media icons below Like|Comment|Subscribe|Follow by clicking on the bottom right icon/ scroll down to follow and stay up to date Please like my Facebook page  Follow me on Instagram|Twitter|Pinterest  

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