Ayurvedic Beauty Plants 

One of the cool things about studying pharmacy is how it helps create an awareness for the environment. I see things in different ways now than I used to see them before. From the plants around, to chemical reactions unseen taking place within our body and our surroundings. There is a department in pharmacy called pharmacognosy and its all about the sourcing of drugs from natural source either animals or plants.. We are made to study the botanical names of plants,chemical constituents and medicinal properties. During one of the studies I discovered an ayurvedic beauty plant. I began to wonder why this plant hasn’t been included in most beauty products because its properties are amazing. Not only is it good for the face but its also good for the hair and body. The Indians are more accustomed to the herbal life and this plant am talking about is widely used and grown in india. It can also be found in other areas of the world, I dont know if its in America or Europe but I do know its in Africa. The plant am talking about is no other than the Neem plant.

In my next post I would let you know more about the wonders of the Neem tree. For now this is just an introduction.
💓 To be continued…..

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