Blogversary: What we Achieved in A Month

      I want to say a big thank you to you guys (my readers and followers). I didn’t think would  grow thus much within a short period of time, this has made me more committed and to build my consistency here on wordpress.. I was really reluctant to do these monthversary thingy kept on procrastinating. Now am finally doing this post today and am like two weeks gone from the anniversary date.

Brief History of How I started Writing

    I have always loved to write. Basically I started writing when I was about 8 yrs old or so. I’d write stories,drama’s and plays. I had written my own quotes out of my Facebook posts. I was really good (creativity speaks) , my dad loved that I liked to write and read novels  so he wanted to publish my finished work, the funny thing is I never finished they all ended in suspense (suspended I mean). I never completed any of my stories this is because I was a kid ( but that’s nor an excuse) then again I would always give my friends to read chapter by chapter and I kept losing my chapters. Whenever I lost my chapters I would start a new one… Then I lost my passion to write even stopped reading books (now I can’t even finish a book), this happened when I got into Senior school took a science major and had to drop everything to get good grades and all..I did try to get back with writing that’s when I started blogging but never really did much up until now.

          This WordPress account is actually four years old today


but at many failed attempts deleted the sites that never made progress. I opened in the month of febuary can’t remember the Date but I didn’t start blogging up until March.. Within that period I customized my blog (making it look the way I those now), I read articles about blogging and created my niches based on my personality. I made my First Post which  got me started. I received about six followers from it and about 5 likes to start with. I kept it up, up until now and today I have 93 followers if am not mistaken with enough engagement on each post..


I know this view is what some blogs get over a day, I pray to grow to that in due time⌚


For a month I think I tried- what was your view tally for your first month blogging?

I achieved this because I worked hard (one of my names actually means hard work), had sleepless nights looking up ways on how to blog right. My friends in school were like this blogging thing is eating up your life force cause I would go to class looking all tired and frustrated, when there’s no lecturer am busy with my Tablet working on a new post (even slept in class lol)… Yeah I got a little discouraged cause am studying a really demanding course (pharmacy) which needs outmost devotion in reading and studying but I didn’t really let it get to me ( Talent pays more than profession really 👌), Instead I set up a plan that is working for me helping me combine my studies and blogging.

This post is going to be the longest I have ever written, I like to keep things brief cause I really hate to read really long articles…Today I can’t just help it I’ll write to my hearts content..

We’ve made a total of 28 posts, 23 written by Myself and Five from members of the Team (contributors) –KillerCatZiller and Pursuit of Natural… Please check out their blogs. Thank you really appreciate the effort.. To honor them I would be giving them promotions on how well they have contributed to


Really Thank you guys for reading and liking my post wouldn’t have gone this far without you guys..👍👍💕


The Future of : Yes I see bigger things.. I plan to monetize  as soon as I get a sponsor… More added features, Vlog channel and lots more…

To Celebrate my Blogs Monthversary I would be adding a new Feature I.e guest post and interviews of bloggers whose blog are really successful and how they’ve made it thus far… If you interested in being featured drop a comment or contact me

Also In Relation to this post I Will be doing a Q and A session, so if you have any question for me feel free to ask me ( you can also drop your questions in the comment box below) , answers would be compiled in a post…Thanks can wait to read your questions…

I want to conclude by encouraging all bloggers out there new and old.. Keep doing what your doing, create good quality contents that your readers love, dont fail to deliver, dont give up, deal with criticism the right way and not letting it get to you and if you are someone who have been wanting to start a blog, what are you waiting for do it now, better now than never..Be genuine and your readers will find you… Need help? Ask google or Ask me

Maybe your interest isn’t blogging or writing, but am sure there is something you must be good at. My dear make something great out of that talent you’ll never know how far you would go if you dont try…Dont be like me who lost my passion for music after listening to so much criticism, people would always have something to say dont let em get to you and if they’re your problem go solo you don’t need anyone that won’t support you…Like what I do is shut them out, engage less with them and dont let them know what am up to, have fewer friends…I have been succeeding ever since I did this… Take my word for it..

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I Am Yeka Asumah, An ordinary girl from Nigeria with big dreams. I love to write, read, learn and try new things every day. I enjoy the ability to air my voice out, expressions and being able to inspire people with my little thoughts. I hope to one day create an atmosphere where people can drop their challenges and together help solve them... I am on a journey to success and greatness. I would like for you to join me on that journey.


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