Common Friendship Misconceptions

Friends always bring out the best in you, its great to have good friends that sticks by no matter the circumstance,

here are some of the common friendship misconceptions:

1. Friendship Comes with Obligations: No one is obligated to anyone especially friends.If you have friends who act in an unruely way when you do something extraordinary or go out of your way to help them, nor shrowing appreciation making it seems like that’s your duty or that’s what you are there for,this kind of friends, I call them parasitic friends (the kind that feeds off your favors and never renders any help). Dont let anyone belittle you cause of friendship.

2. Friends and Benefits: some people make friends for benefits, based on what the other can gain from you and what you can gain from the person but its wrong.

3. Anyone can be a friend: there are different kinds of people with different personalities and not all personalities are compatible. For me am a kind of person that do not like people who are loud, argue a lot and pick on little misunderstandings and turn it into an argument which leads to a fight. In that situation I don’t utter a word and let the fool be the fool🙊 .This friendship doesn’t last at all, it  would only end up creating problems for yourself based on unrealistic matters.

4. Friendship can be outgrown: This can’t happen, I dont think it does for genuine friendship. Friendship can’t be outgrown instead it grows as you grow and deepens, creating an unbreakable bond. Friendships can last forever depending on how well the parties are willing to work for it.

5. Friendship is like a loan : Its not a property that you purchase on rent, then when the rent is overdue you move on to another property, for every friendship you break a piece of you goes along with it.

6. Keep friends like a collection of songs: I don’t like to have plenty friends cause of inner circles building which can either be for or against you, its difficult to understand everyone of them cause the way you would relate with them won’t be the way they would relate with you . Backstabbing is one to this kind .If you are one who keeps a lot of friends,take note of your true friends cause the bad one might just be the closest one to you.

7. Friendship is unconditional: There is a big condition when it comes to friendship,I for one do not like people taking my things without my permission friend or not friend, we won’t share a bf, spouse, children and a job there is a condition to that. Always choose your friends wisely, your enemy just might be the closest one to you, so look closely, make friends for the right reason and dont follow these misconceptions.

Remember if your friends don’t have these qualities then they are not worth keeping;

 F-Fight for you.
 R- Respect you.  
I- Involve you
E- Encourage you.  
  N- Need you.  
 D- Deserve you.
 S- Save you

What makes your friend special?

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