Dear Newly Natural Me: Don't Listen to Evil Kermit

  Dear Newly Natural Me, What's it been,Pinterest ths of amazing growth and length retention since the big chop? Nine months of consistent protective styling, of loving on your fro and nurturing those coils. You know that Evil Kermit meme about straightening your natural hair? He's coming, wielding a flat iron and demanding you show off your length. Don't listen! There are low-heat and no heat ways to do it, such as banding, African threading, and rollers. Blow outs can be less damaging because it is not direct contact and you can use low to medium settings. And have you seen this no-heat method by Naptural85? You'll be amazed at just how much your hair can be stretched without ever having to straighten it. And real talk, you may have length now, but it is only nine months' worth. Not enough to ponytail or even wear down (assuming your roots cooperate and actually lie down.) How are you going to maintain short, straight hair? Have you thought of that? No, you haven't (because you braid it right up as soon as you are done flat ironing.) Wait for more length. Trust me. It'll be easier to maintain, and you'll have more styling options. You can wrap your hair properly at night and do ponytails, pigtails, buns, and more. How long should you wait? About two years. Hey, I could've said "forever", but I get it. You're curious. If you must do it, do it at the right time. Do it with the right tools, and for goodness sake do it with the right products. Your daily leave-in is not the right product. You'll even get better results on your hair just using heat protectant alone. It's specially formulated for the task, and your water based moisturizer--even a teeny amount--will cause shrinkage, preventing a smooth, shiny finish, and tempting you to turn up the heat to do more passes. Heat damage can happen to you (spoiler: It does!) While it isn't the end of the world, it is an entirely avoidable mistake. Just don't listen to Evil Kermit. Love, Future You Image: Pinterest

Written by a °Yeka team contributor

Article credit: Pursuit of Natural


  1. I used heat on my hair last weekend i paid dearly for it. My hair became as hard as an iron sponge😂 Thank God for shea butter that softened it before I could install box braids. Lol

      1. I would just use extra caution, if you really, really want to use heat. The lowest settings, the least passes, etc. My heat damage was minimal and only on some of my ends (which are all trimmed off by now). It was in my looser, finer textures. My kinky, coarser hair remained unbothered, so taking extra precautions might not eliminate damage but it can minimize the risk.

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