Dear Newly Natural me: Get on those Search & Destroy trims

Dear Newly Natural Me, You may have gotten the impression that search and destroy trims have women out here going cross-eyed examining every single strand of hair on their head for five minutes each. I'm happy to report from the future that has not been my experience. You will typically work in small sections. Smaller. You take that section and look at the bundle of ends for any knots. You find a knot, you separate that strand and snip it. Sometimes you can separate multiple strands, line up the knots below your fingertips, and snip them all at once. Boom. Done. On to the next section. Where you can't really see, you will have to work slowly. Slower. Feel out as many as you can, and remember you're not attempting 100% elimination. Just do as much as you can and move on. If you miss anything, you'll get them next time. I don't have a set schedule for these missions, but I make sure to do it when I'm already settled in for a thorough hair care session, which is usually when I'm taking down a long term protective style, or some other time my detangling session will be meticulous and my body is ready for it. I know it sounds crazy, but you really can seek out and destroy individual knots and it won't take all day. Okay, your first time might, but that's because you waited until you had a zillion knots before attempting to tackle it. So, totally your own fault. But it gets easier! It's one of those things where the more consistently you stay on top of it, the less there is to do each time. Listen, these search and destroy missions save more hair than trimming alone does. First, by not cutting off hair that doesn't need to be, and secondly by reducing tangles and breakage. As for the rumors that you can use a pin to untie fairy knots...girl. There ain't no way. Sincerely, Future You
Article credit: Pursuit of Natural


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