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Dear Newly Natural Me: I See You Getting Lazy

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Dear Newly Natural Me, How does 7 to 10 days between washes become 2 weeks? Girl. Let’s not repeat that fiasco. Bad habits are easy to fall into and hard  to break. Laziness is a prime example. You say just this one time you’ll detangle after you wash your hair, and then you wonder where all this breakage and suffering come from. Maybe put off trimming your ends another month or two, and then get upset that your hair “isn’t growing”. And, sure, walk around with dirty hair for 2 weeks. Why not? Here’s why not: problems compound over time. Your hair may feel fine right now but down the line laziness takes its toll. That’s why when you finally do get around to washing and detangling, it’ll take, like, five hours and you’ll have a ton of shed hair to contend with. When you finally get serious about trimming, the infestation of knots will make you cry–that or the amount of damaged hair you’ll be forced to cut off. It’s both common and okay to feel frustrated with your natural hair from time to time. We’re all learning. But, if any part of your essential routine seems too arduous, don’t avoid caring for your hair altogether. Look for a better way to organize, a faster technique, or a more effective product. The best practices are essential to your hair care for a reason. Stick to them–good hygiene, good moisture balance, and good grooming. Once they become part of your routine maintenance, they’ll be easier to do and harder to deviate from. Just as with bad habits, you may not notice the effects right away, but good habits employed consistently do improve growth, length retention, manageability, and the overall health of your hair. Not to mention your blood pressure. The sooner you get into good habits, the less time you spend struggling and dreading the mere thought of  “dealing” with your hair. All the best, Future You

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Article credit: Pursuit of Natural

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