Dear Newly Natural Me: One Final Thing

Dear Newly Natural Me, I know you've done the math. I know you know it will take some time to grow your hair out. But, did you know that it takes time to grow your hair out? It takes time to detangle and it takes time to wash. It takes time to dry and time to style. It takes time to put it away for bed and time to refresh it in the morning. What I'm trying to say is natural hair just takes time to do--then it takes time to do it right, and still more time to do it well. It takes time to learn, unlearn, understand, and master. Waiting takes time. Patience takes time. Care takes time and so does confidence. I have imparted tips, tricks, and techniques that can help make natural hair care a little easier to manage, but the rest must come with time. So remember that going natural is a journey, not a race. It will pay dividends in the most unexpected ways, but you have to invest the time. All The Best, Future You Image:
Article Credits : Yeka Team Written by : Pursuit of Natural

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