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December Blog Challenge|Yeka

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What better way to kiss 2017’s butt out than to reminisce on the amazing and not so amazing things that happened. This way we welcome the new year with a big heart ready to fill up with greater things than our expectations. This Blog Challenge is all of that.  Its a challenge because putting up a post everyday till the year ends in this season isnt gonna be easy.. I want to do something great like this before the year ends. I couldnt do a blogtober, so I guess this covers.. I will try to make it fun and as personal as I can. Feel free to join in, if you’re up there’s only one rule “link back to this blog “( Contact me for more ) There’s a lot to be shared and said,  I look forward to it very much… The December Blog Challenge Begins Dec 12th to end Jan 1st 2018.. I hope you enjoy it.. For a Sneak Peak Dec 12th – 10 Movies that made my 2017 Dec 13th-  5 Fashion Styles that took over 2017 Dec 16th- 5 Lifestyle Choices I made in 2017 I’m so excited about this and I dont know why.. ??????✌ Is it early to say Merry Xmas ? now ?  

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I Am Yeka Asumah, An ordinary girl from Nigeria with big dreams. I love to write, read, learn and try new things every day. I enjoy the ability to air my voice out, expressions and being able to inspire people with my little thoughts. I hope to one day create an atmosphere where people can drop their challenges and together help solve them... I am on a journey to success and greatness. I would like for you to join me on that journey.


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