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Easy Hiit Workout to Help you Burn fat Fast

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         Hello You,  how are you doing?  I’m sure you’re great. For those in the U.S you must feel a bit bloated if not a lot from all that thanksgiving food and ya’ll didn’t save some for me, not nice but I have something  for you guys that will help you loose that thanksgiving weight and be feel light again.         People like me who have nothing but a stubborn stomach fat that keeps coming after a little self treat or you just plumpy or fat, well you’re still beautiful just that too much fat can be unhealthy for you. There’s a way to get rid of all that with these easy at home workout to help you burn that fat fast, read on.         Let me warn you, I say it’s easy because it looks easy but it isn’t actually easy. when I got the routine, I was like this stuff is a piece of cake but when I did  it my heart was racing fast already before I was down to the second exercise. The thing with fitness is if there is no Pain there is no Gain.          During my weight loss journey, I looked for easy way outs until I found out about HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training) and it has been my holy grail since then. HIIT has helped me burn a turn of calories balancing my Calorie deficit. I lost 5kg in a week from doing just HIIT workouts and ofcourse eating right.        HIIT workout  is a high Intensity Interval Training were you raise your heart rate within a short time as fast as you can and bring it down a little only to bring it back up again with exercise. This is my layman physiological definition of it.           According to Wikepedia HIIT was defined as the concept where one performs a short burst of high intensity(or max-intensity) exercise followed by a brief low-intensity activity, repeatedly,  until too exhausted to continue.       What I love about HIIT workouts is that its an instant fat burner, works faster than regular cardio and you get to burn calories through out the day while doing nothing from just as little as 5mins of workout. Isn’t worthwhile? ,well it is. We just have to stop lazying around and get our body moving.            Here is my HIIT workout routine that can help you burn fat fast, always be up for a challenge…..           ° High Knees- 30secs   ° Jumping Jacks- 30secs           10secs rest   ° Squat Jumps- 30secs   ° Burpees- 30secs   ° Squats-  30secs             15secs rest   ° Mountain Climbers- 30secs    ° Squat Burpees- 30secs   ° Press Up- 20secs         Do 2-3 sets of this routine five times a week                 and watch your fat melt away                  Don’t forget to eat right…      Read: How to Keep A Healthy Diet      WATCH This- HIIT workout video

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