Five Ways We Compromise Our Hard work

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How do we compromise our hard work?. Working hard is hard work and everyone wants the easy route to success. Not everyone wants to do what’s good for them and make the best out of their life, only a few people do. The few ones who are trying to work hard don’t do it quite well, leaving The just one serious devoted person who then makes it to the top a success. We from the bottom look and say that must have been easy like anyone would have done it. Yes, anyone would have done it, you would have done it, I would have done it if we didn’t always compromise our efforts. When we compromise our efforts to succeed, we partially give ourselves more time out of nothing, giving the next person with more time value to beat us to our success. Its high time we stop compromising our efforts and actually start to trust our efforts, giving ourselves hope that the struggle will definitely lead to an amount of success. As a student, I can’t expect any amount of success if I don’t sacrifice hours and lovely night rest to white pages of white stuff (by that I mean things I don’t know). Every effort counts, imagine if I’d compromise my time and spent it on watching movies (that would only work if I was a genius which I’m not). We owe it to ourselves to work hard, nobody wants to be seen lagging behind, it really sucks to fail and I never want to be there, I’m sure you neither want that for yourself. This is why I took my time to evaluate the different ways I’ve compromised my hard work and I’m sure you can relate too. If you do, don’t be shy to give a big fat comment below.



With this we all are victims; I waste so much time thinking about working that I never even get anything done. I have like about 30+ Blog post drafts that I haven’t started writing and I keep on adding to the list, then when it really hooks me to put up a content I put up something really shabby with a lot of grammatical errors because I didn’t proofread it. This post should be the only one I have ever taken so much time on because I didn’t think about it first before I started writing, I just went through my personal book of Ideas (yes I have that, I think most writers do) saw the topic picked up my Laptop and said to myself ‘I’m going to write about this like right now’. You would be wondering now, where is she heading to with this? My view of why we procrastinate is because we think so much about getting our job done, we think so much about the end before we even begin. I feel that when we think about getting something done, it’s like our mind is somehow at peace because we have this mental picture of how it’s going to get down but we don’t even try it to know if it’s going to work out until it’s like so close to deadline, also when we think we can also be scared of the outcome or of how difficult the task would be that the thought alone scares us from doing it and hence get nothing done. Procrastination sets you off from what you want to do, you give yourself more time when there is actually no time and by doing that we compromise our hard work by not getting any work done at all. In my research to discover how to end my train of procrastination, I stumbled upon a book and so far so good it’s working. It doesn’t support my theory of not thinking before you work but instead, it taught me the right approach to thinking, which is thinking on paper. Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy is such a great book and I recommend it for you. I’m not done reading it but a quarter of the pill has already taken its effect. According to Brian Tracy, the best way to not procrastinate is to plan plan plan and plan. You plan, strategize and organize your work on paper. It’s like you have to make a daily goal and set the first one to be ticked off as the most difficult or grievous task which you are most likely to procrastinate on. That way it becomes a reality and not just in your head. Brian Tracy suggests that you eat the ugliest frog ever (By frog, that’s like the task you’re most likely to procrastinate on). Another approach I tried, is to make a list right under the grievous task, this list would contain different ways I can try to get the task done and then begin to apply them. With this way, I think better and compromise less on my work. READ ALSO: This is Why People Fail


The fear of failure is the beginning of failure. The best way to win over any fear is to face that fear. We compromise our hardwork in fear that it will not bring forth great success as such we lose faith in ourselves. We must not fear failure, we should see it as a stepping stone or as a bridge that needs to be crossed. In this life, no one ever truly succeeds without failing. Its how you deal with your failure that matters more than failing itself because when we think about our failure rather than dealing with it, we gradually become total failures accepting complete defeat. There are two places dealing with failure can take you; first place would be to transformation and second place would be a success. You might wonder how dealing with failure takes you to transformation and Success. Through transformation there is a renewal of mind, you begin to clean your self from the inside out. You work with how you came to fail to make careful decisions not repeat them again, in other to succeed next ( applying cause and effect). You also set out new plans to follow, strategies and all, this will now lead you to success.


Have you heard of this statement; ‘Quitters are liable to die young’. If you haven’t before now you have. There is nothing so killing as the sense of lost hope, it comes with a package on its one. Quitting to start afresh or try something new isn’t bad its good and can be said as the right approach quitting.Its also not an easy thing to do, quitting is easy but starting over is the problem. Why not not quit, everything isn’t for everyone, by trying new things quitting and starting over you get to explore all your choices till you find that thing that will make you shine. All successful persons have that one thing that they did which distinguished them from every other person and that thing is what brought them to the limelight. They didn’t just find it in one day, they did it over time of quitting and starting over. You can Quit till you find that thing that makes you shine. Don’t quit only after trying it for a while ,Don’t quit because everyone is quitting, Don’t quit because people don’t believe in you, Don’t quit when you haven’t given it your all, Don’t quit because you’re too lazy to try harder, Don’t quit to fall back, don’t quit because you’re not seeing the result you need, don’t quit because you lacked endurance. Just an extra mile into work can make you a success. Quitting brings you to the bottom, it compromises your hardwork. Imagine after working so hard for something only to quit at the very point you would have succeeded. Think twice, Think fast, Never give up. Only you can do it, the end is at your knee don’t break it.


We make excuses a lot, I do this too. We give excuses as an excuse not to take responsibility over our actions. We give an excuse for failing, for procrastinating, for being incapable, for not doing better, even for quitting. We have to learn to take responsibility, only then can we succeed. Excuses makes us weak, if we take responsibility more often we will find that we have the zeal to push forward. Don’t give yourself an excuse to fail, an excuse to quit, an excuse to procrastinate. By making excuses we compromise our hardwork and not give in our best. I urge you to take responsibility, take action and not make excuses.


Why do people expect so much from others than themselves? I believe its better to expect more from ourselves than others. If you expect more from others you will find yourself disappointed but if you expect more from yourself, you will know what you want and wont settle for less. Now dealing with people’s expectation for you is candid as not everyone wants the best for you, and some people’s best might not even meet your own good. You begin to see yourself compromising your work because you want meet up to people’s expectations. The truth is you’re living your life for you and we should learn that it is wrong to change our lives for others just because it’s what they want. In the long run, if you fail it’s at your own cost, not theirs. It just might be the same people who don’t support you even after failing. Don’t live someone else’s dream. People’s expectation is only good when it meets the expectations you have for yourself. Let’s try to take note more of these five things we do to compromise our Hardwork. That way we can find ourselves closer to achieving our goal. What other way have you found yourself compromising your hardwork? Please let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed reading, someone else would too. Share this post, you never know who you touch in the process. Follow me and let’s be friends [DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS]

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