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Girl’s Talk: Why Men Fear Successful Women

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   This is the beginning of something amazing. Girls talk is a new series I’m introducing and it going to be on every Weekend. Do well to engage, it’s going to be fun. SO many topics to be discussed and it’s open to all ( I’m talking about them boys)

How do I begin this blog post without sounding like a feminist, I’m not sure cause there is no way to sugarcoat the truth but I would try.

What is it about successful women that men fear, is it the money, the pride that accompanies the gush of wealth or seeming independence that they almost don’t know if they’re needed.

  The thing is that in the society, a woman is represented as the weaker gender no doubt and men, on the other hand, are the pride of the whole world. In normal sense, women are meant to be needy, we are meant to submit to the supremacy of a man, you can’t get what you want unless a man provides it for you. A woman is expected to live her life to be comfortable with being just where she is, without dreaming of something greater for herself, if she has a good job or a skill she should just stick to that and not wish or set goals because soon the only dream she would have is the dream of the man she would one day be committed to for the rest of her life.

    How basic is that, that is the story of our past and now as millennial’s evolve the tables are turning. Women are holding more positions than men in the society today than ever, they are taking control, being divine and dreaming of the best for themselves. Now can men stand this paradigm shift that is happening, are they going to be okay having a female boss, are they going to be able having a woman be the home runner, are they going to be okay with not being able to control a woman because you can’t provide for her what she doesn’t already have.

I watched an interview of an actress in my country -Nigeria, I can’t remember her name but in the interview, she was asked about her love life and she said they never stay and most of them couldn’t stand her, even though they were well to do and she was like I don’t rub off I’m rich or I can take care of myself, I don’t need you, on the guys she dates, it’s only natural that she might want to pay for the meals or other things sometimes not because she has more but because she wants to. She doesn’t expect the guys to shower her with expensive gifts all she needs is their love, attention and understanding. She finished by saying that men are just prideful species and always like to be in charge all the time and an alpha woman like herself would always seem intimidating to their ego.

Some men contrast their feelings to how they provide for their women, a man who doesn’t know how to really connect emotionally with their significant other would feel as long as I can buy her anything she wants I love her or as long as she needs me I love her or she loves me. They see demand as an expression of feelings.

Men think successful women are arrogant, pompous, defensive and ill-mannered. Men are also jealous of successful women because they feel cheated and don’t understand why a woman would be bigger than they are. Here’s why, it’s just because they worked twice as hard, dreaming and believing in themselves.

Men are always used to being the busy ones, I was busy that’s why I didn’t call, I was in a meeting that’s why I missed your call. I had a tight schedule that’s why we couldn’t see all week. The working-class men are always busy even the jobless ones still find something that takes up their time. A jobless guy can say, babe, the hustle has been real, so many interviews or business transactions to make. Excuses upon excuses, just to feel wanted by the woman. Women are soft in heart and would always try to be there for a man even when it seems like she isn’t needed or doesn’t come to the mind of the man. They’d always call and say, ‘ I’ve missed you, just wanted to know if you’re good’.

 Usually, the first instinct of a man is to protect his territory and act defensive, and give a reason to why his presence was missed. Typical men booze.

  A successful woman wouldn’t care less if you called her or not, she is too busy managing her company, getting work done, living her life to the fullest like the dude doesn’t even exist. A successful woman would see a man as an addition to her life and not a necessity that must be there for her to be happy. She wouldn’t want the thought of a man to make her lose a big merger or contract that is going to win her a huge entitlement. A man can’t stand to not be wanted, that’s it period.

 It’s really amazing, but if I was really successful. I wouldn’t date anyone less than I am, I would date someone who thinks like I do and shares the same value, also understanding the importance of what I do and why I chose the path to success. With much appreciation for what I have achieved as a woman. As a young adult, though I’m not where I want to be yet, I just feel I should put in mind all this now because if I apply all this now, I’d probably end up with someone who was there throughout the process and accounted for the emotional support leading me up to where I would be.

My girls chase that dream, they can only fear what they can’t have at the grasp of their palm, they’d fear who they can’t control. Be who you are, don’t think that your being successful would push men away. The truth is a good man would always stay and besides you weren’t born to please a man. Don’t reduce yourself because you want to be wanted.

This is a girls talk and I have said a lot, I want to know what you think about this topic, DO YOU REALLY THINK MEN FEAR SUCCESSFUL WOMEN… If yes or no, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you’re a guy, why would you not want to date a successful woman?

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