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Meet Faira Mesquita a Naturalist from Mozambique, Africa.

1. Tell us a little about you?

My name is Faira, but many english speakers pronouce Fire. I’m not that dangerous and I don’t burn, but people say I’m a lot like fire. I have this passion burning inside of me for things that I really love doing. And taking care of hair is one of them. I’m the artsy type, so anything weird and different interests me, especially simple and different. I love fashion and pay a lot of attention to detail. The perfect lipstick or the perfect nail polish can make your outfit look so much better.

What do you do with your spare time?

On my spare time. Well, I read, practice my photography and take care of my hair. Oh yeah, watch movies and eat. There is nothing better than food I always say.

2. Are you a natural? How do you feel about your hair

Yes, I am a natural. I love my hair, even though the volume makes me feel like megamind sometimes.

3.  How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for … 3 years.

4.  Why did you go natural?

There were many factors contributing to it. I had my hair relaxed since I was 10 and by the time I turned 20, I was tired of always having my hair straight. I wanted my natural hair back. Also after years and years of relaxing, my hair got so damaged from the chemicals and heat that it was breaking so much and I had so little volume left, it was heartbreaking actually. So when I turned 22, I cut it and decided to start my natural lifestyle.

5.  Was anyone against your decision? If yes, how did you surpass it?

My mom and my boyfriend were. My mom did not want to see my hair short because I had never worn my hair short, ever. Excluding the time I was a baby of course, but even then  I was so hairy, it was embarassing. I looked like a monkey. My boyfriend just prefers my hair straight, so he did not want me to go natural. To surpass it, I just showed them that it was something that I really needed to do and they understood and accepted it. Now my mom loves my hair and so does my boyfriend even though he still prefers it straight.

6. What’s your hair type and How do you manage it?

My head has a whole mix of different type hairs on it. But it’s mostly 3c. It requires constant treatment so I try and do masks 3 times a week to keep it healthy. Yes, yes. People actually call me crazy, but it’s what your hair needs. My hair routine masks hydrate, nourish and repair. In a month I choose the days and the weeks in which I will apply the masks and decide on what mask to make because there are so many. 

7. How do you keep your hair moisturized and healthy?

To keep it moisturized I use a lot of plant-based and water-based masks. Moisture is all about water, so go water-based! To keep  it healthy, as I mentioned before, do the three masks. A good balanced routine is good for anybody, so why would your hair be any different?

8. What are your goto natural hair products?

  • Castor oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Milk
  • Cocoa
  • Avocado
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Flax seed gel

Are you a DIY fan?

Hells yes! Very big one, especially a natural one. I love to know what is it that I’m putting on, what exactly is in there. I usually do DIYs for hair and body products.

Do you have hair goals?Care to share some of them?

Yes I do, even though, let’s just face it, my hair will never look like that. All hairs are different. (Photo attached) And don’t ask me who she is, I would love to know who she is too. I found her on Pinterest and just fell in love with her hair

9.  How do you style your hair?

Most of the time it’s loose and curly. If not, it’s in a bun or a pineapple. When I do buns, I use gel (Eco Gel) or jelly (Salon Line Brazil). Other times I just use my hair cream to style.

10. What’s your favorite protective hairstyle to do?

Pineapple! Pineappling is when you tie your hair all the way on top of your hair literally making it look like a pineapple. I use it on bad hair days, to sleep and especially when I’m late for work, which is almost everyday. I just make it look fancier.

11. Do you use heat on your hair?, how do you prevent heat damage?

I rarely do, to prevent damaging and breakking my hair. But when I do, I use a heat protecting spray (Salon Line Brazil) and try to use my blow dryer on cold and not hot. Only hot whenn I’m in a hurry. But if I have the time, why rush it?

12. Do you hairxperiment?, How crazy can you go with your hair?

Wow, I am quite lazy… so to sit on a random day and just experiment hairstyles and techniques, I’ve got to be really in the mood for it. I used to before, when I was studyingg, but now that I’m working, the free time I have is used on sleep or just really being a couch potato. I deserve those precious moments. But my last experiment has been dying my hair, by myself, I do not like people touching my hair and also I was just scared of not getting the result I wanted. So rather do crap on your hair by yourself right? Let’s not transmit the hate on someone for the rest of their lives I say. I have done pom poms and managed to look cute (will share photo).

12. Have you faced any challenge as a natural?

Oh yeah! Who doesn’t face challenges? Mine was probably faced right at the beginning, when I did my BC (Big Chop). I cried my eyes out thinking I looked ugly. Going from long to short in a matter of minutes wasn’t so easy for me to grasp. Funny enough, one might say sweet even, my boyfriend was the one who was beside me the whole way. Telling me how I looked beautiful no matter what. (Remember he was the one who did not want me to cut my hair) But maybe that is part of his responsibility as a boyfriend?? 

13. How do you manage bad hair days?

A bun! That thing is life changing. Or even a pineappple works too. 

14.  Can you share with us your thoughts on natural hair and relaxed hair?

I am actually not against people who relax their hair. I mean no one has the right to tell you to stop doing something you like, I certainly will not be the one saying you should stop relaxing and go natural. It’s a matter of free will, you either want it or you don’t. Either way you get pros and cons, so it’s up to us to decide. If I can motivate enough people to go natural, would be a dream come true.

15. What hair rules have you sticked to as a natural?

  1. No comb goes through my hair, just my fingers.
  2. Do not dry with a normal towel. Use a tshirt or a microfibre towel.
  3. Get rid of split ends every 3 months.
  4. Do not wash hair with very hot or very cold water. In between.
  5. Always moisturize.

16. Can you share with us some pics of you counting your coily strands?

Very hard challenge

17. Where can we find you? 

Mozambique! But facebook, instagram, whatsapp and snapchat work too

Instagram  fairamesquita Facebook – mesquitafaira Facebook page – fairamesquita Snapchat- @fairamesquita ,Pinterest fairamesquita

18 . What do you have to say to the new, upcoming and already naturals?

Embrace and enjoy your natural self. It brings nothing but happiness, originality and adventures. I basically found myself when I became natural. It is so much fun, hard because of all the dedication and patience, but I guarantee, it is so worth it.

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