Home Remedies to Indigestion and Constipation

Having indigestion and constipation can be very uncomfortable... They are usually caused by stress, eating late night foods,alcoholic beverages, eating spicy foods, chewing with an open mouth or talking while eating, drugs that contain calcium and some other medications that restrict bowel movements, changes in diet, not drinking enough water, lack of fiber in your diet, irritable bowel syndrome and over use of laxatives... You know you have indigestion when;
  •  You have burning in the stomach,bloating, bad breadth, growling stomach,nausea, abdominal pain belching and release of gas
You know you have constipation when;
  •  You have few bowel movements, hard, small or no stools at all, swollen belly, nausea and more.....
Here are simple easy remedies to indigestion and constipation;
  •  Ginger- Boil the ginger in a kettle or pot of water (the more the water, the more the ginger)  pour in a cup, allow to cool and then drink it while its warm👊
  • Lemonade- make some fresh lemonade and drink it cool👉
  • Olive oil- Two teaspoons of olive oil could do the trick.
  • Orange juice- mmm my favorite whenever I feel constipated or have an indigestion I just squeeze some fresh pulpy orange and am refreshed almost instantly.
  • Herbal Teas- The reason Chinese people take tea a lot is not only for its lively benefits  but also for aiding digestion of their food and promoting good bowel movements.. Chamomile and peppermint teas are the best for this fix..
With a Healthy diet indigestion and constipation would be the least of your problems. The above remedies are the once I have tried and it has worked for me so if you know of any other  one feel free to drop it👇👇👇.

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