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How To Fix A Broken Highlighter with Rosewater

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When it comes to handling makeups, I can be very clumsy, so I try to be careful when using them. In other to avoid getting them broken I’d place them all on my bed and carefully drop them  as I use.

Sometimes when you’re just in a hurry to catch up with time the inevitable happens and you get a broken makeup.

In my case it was a highlighter and I was so  pained. I really loved this highlighter as it was combined with a blush, I didn’t know the brand, so finding the same one would have been difficult to find and I wasn’t ready to kiss it goodbye.

So I decided to find a way to fix it, all the resource I could find were all saying alcohol could fix it.  Knowing very well I can’t find any at my present location.

I decided to try rosewater out because it’s good for the skin and see if it would work. The results I got were overwhelming.


  • The highlighter became more pigmented. It was popping more than normal and I would have to use less, so I don’t go looking like a 90’s doll.
  • It lasted longer almost like it became water proof.
  • Had a better feel to it.

    How To Fix a Broken Highlighter/Makeup with Rosewater


    1.  Rosewater
    2. A small make up brush with an even cut
    3. Broken makeup

      STEP 1

      Using the end of the brush, try to smoothen out broken parts to a fine powder as much as you can. It makes it easier for the highlighter to dissolve in the rosewater.

      STEP 2

      Careful add little drops of rosewater and let it spread.

      STEP 3

      Make a paste out of the mixture using the end of the make up brush still.

      STEP 4

      Place a tissue paper on top, to help absorb the rosewater and smoothen the surface of the highlighter.

      STEP 5

      Once done, leave it open to let it dry. Becareful not to break it again.

      Once it’s dry. Use a tissue paper to even out the surface further and clean out the messy part. Please don’t make yours look shabby like mine.

      STEP 6

      Enjoy your modified highlighter.



      This was just a test and I’m glad it worked on my highlighter. I’m not sure if it would work on any other form of makeup like eye shadow palettes, compact powders and even contour powders as I’ve not tried it. I’m sure you can use it on your highlighters.

      Use little quantity of rosewater, just the one that’s enough to at least form a paste. Applying too much may interfere with ingredients and make them susceptible to bacteria contamination ( finding molds on the surface ). With this I still feel alcohol is a better  choice as it won’t interfere with the ingredients and instead help with the preservative.


      Now that you have the magic powers to revive almost any broken makeup, for sure any highlighter, you don’t have to be sad and hate on your self for breaking it. If it doesn’t work when you try to fix it or maybe it gets worse (not that I’m saying it will), like anything in your life that makes you feel broken if you can’t fix it, you might as well let it go.

      Thanks for reading

      Have you broken any of your makeups before? Did you think of fixing it or did you just let it go?. Also if you would be trying this out, let me know in the comments below.

      Do you know that you just gained an important skill, why not share and let someone have it too. You know there is love in sharing.

      Thank you


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