How to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

We can't stop emphasizing on the importance of keeping your natural hair moisturized (its like the holy grail of naturalist). Natural hair is prone to dryness because of its texture and curl pattern which comes in variations,as no hair type can be the same only you can understand your hair and know exactly how to use TLC to suit your strands.  Having a moisturized  hair can help you:
  • Retain length.
  • Reduce breakages, frizz and tangles.
  • Keep your hair stretched and minimize shrinking.
  • Adds Shine, lustre and volume to hair.
  • Strengthens hair.
  • Promotes hair growth.
You can keep your hair moisturized by
  • Adding moisture to your hair regularly- This can be water which is best or a liquid based leave in conditioner
  • Oils- Apply moisture sealing oils like olive oil or coconut oil. You can opt for a mix of essential oils or argan or jojoba oils which are lighter.
  • Cream- use whipped butters and moisturizing cream.Look out for products with sheabutter and honey as they work through the hair the best. Honey helps the hair absorb moisture from the environment. For protective styles like wash and go you can replace this with a curl defining cream like the Curl defining Soufflé by Shea moisture also the curl enhancing smoothie by Shea moisture and the auntie Jackie Dont shrink cream.
  • Observe a good night time care routine by sleeping in a satin bonnet or a satin pillow sleep and moisturizing hair before going to bed.
  • When onby; protective style apply your favorite mix of oils to scalp to keep moisturized, less dry and scaly also do the same to the ends as they are the oldest part of the hair so they are weaker and can form split ends when not properly taken care of.
  • Ensure you keep your ends tucked properly to prevent tangles and knots. I.e wearing a protective style often.
  • Wear a scarf during the day if you can, Helps to keep the moisture in the hair and prevent the effect of unfavorable weather conditions on moisture loss
Try this method daily will to keep your hair moisturized and watch your natural hair grow from TWA to a full Fro. I would like to know how you keep your Natural Hair moisturized..👇👇 image source Thanks for reading please Like, comment and share


  1. thanks for the tips. Your hair is nice. Mine is not full and it’s really soft, i think it’s gene though, I’ve always had scanty hair. I like it though but do you know if there’s anything you can do for mass?

    1. I have heard that intensive natural hair masks can give more mass, if your hair is not naturally full it might just help a bit but since your hair is really soft it might be full according to your scalp area, the texture of your will make it seem scanty ( thicker hair appear fuller than lighter ones ) .. You can try experimenting on products that can thicken your strands, for a more natural approach you can use amla, henna , coffee, coconut oil and avocado oil..
      I hope this was helpful, I research more about this and incorporate it into a post

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