Is this the cure to Hair loss?

The Ayurvedic properties of ginger cannot be over emphasized. One of the properties of ginger that are at times overlooked is its benefits to the hair. As you have read from the title, you can prevent hair loss with ginger. To do this you only need to infuse ginger into your daily or weekly hair care regime. I have prepared some recipes that can help you prevent hair loss, retain length and in turn grow your hair with ginger. Before that below are the benefits of Ginger for hair. Benefits of Ginger to the Hair
  •      Ginger is a natural antiseptic that kills the fungi that causes dandruff.
  • It can inhibit the growth of yeast, stopping flakes, itchiness and dandruff before they happen.
  • It strengthens the hair tresses from roots to their hair tips which aids hair growth.
  • It contains magnesium and vitamins that helps in making hair stronger , healthier and reduces hair fall
  • It is a good hair conditioner.
  • It can treat scar sores and prevent scalp infection.
Recipes- Hair Loss/Hair Growth/Dandruff
  • Ginger hair mask for hair loss
Ingredients- Ginger juice, egg yolk,lemon juice, olive oil. Procedure- Mix together to a favorable consistency,apply over hair ,leave for 15-20minutes and rinse of with cold water. Then shampoo your hair as normal.
  • Ginger juice + honey
Apply to hair and scalp, leave for 15-20minutes, rinse off followed by shampoo.
  • Ginger juice + amla oil (Indian gooseberry)
Mix thoroughly and apply to scalp, leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse.
  • Ginger hair mask for dandruff
Ingredien- Ginger juice, yoghurt and lemon juice Mix to desired consistency,apply over hair and scalp, leave for 15-20minutes and rinse of with cold water.
  • Ginger hair mask for hair growth
Ingredients- ginger juice, aloe cera gel, coconut/ castor oil Mix and apply to scalp, leave for 15-20minutes and rinse. There you have it, easy ginger for hair recipes that is guaranteed to help keep your healthy, stronger and longer. I have tried a few of them and I did see a remarkable change in my hair. I used to have a very itchy scalp with dandruff which caused my hair to break. After this treatment my hair got better and I kissed my dandruff, itchy scalp and breakage goodbye. Let me know if you would be trying out this hair treatments, What have you experienced from ginger hair treatments?, is there any other treatment you do that works as much? Please let me know 💓 Yeka Please help promote this blog by sharing through the social media icons below Like|Comment|Subscribe|Follow by clicking on the bottom right icon/ scroll down to follow and stay up to date Please like my Facebook page  Follow me on Instagram|Twitter|Pinterest


  1. This is interesting ! I tried the green tea rinse and didn’t like it that’s much because it dried my hair out . I’m definitely gonna try this

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