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How to stop stealing your time

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Time management is very important if you want to lead a very productive life. It takes ”time to be creative”and without time you cannot create. True time management is the act of knowing what to do and doing it at the right time, its an act of discipline which must be mastered. To master this discipline there are certain things you must know by highlighting the things we do which makes us fail at managing out time effectively.

Mastering the discipline of Time management

-You must understand that procrastination is steals your time. We spend more time thinking about the task rather than getting it done. – Don’t spend more time on one task while neglecting other tasks and leaving them undone. Stick to the time window allocated to each task, the key shouldn’t be to finish the task but to do as much as you can on all task and leaving so little undone. This is better than killing time on just one task. Apply the 80/20 principle to your tasks, which says that 20% of your activities accounts for 80% of your results. – If you fail to plan your day, you plan to waste the day. – Don’t forget the tasks that haven’t been completed yet. Place stick notes on areas or places around your house/office you go to often to remind you of upcoming tasks in hand. – Set personal deadlines out of the main deadline. Place a time bomb in your head that goes of when a task is not completed. – Ever wondered why business minded people have such good time management skill. It’s because they believe that ” Time is money”’, now who would want to waste their own time when it will cost them money. How you see your time matters, attach value to your time. – Never forget to give yourself credit when you get things done on time. – Eat your Ugliest frog first. What does she mean by that, i’m not going to eat a frog. Well you must, if you want to get things done better. you see a frog is a representation of that task you’re most likely to procrastinate, the one that is more important and the one that has the greatest positive impact on your life at the moment. – Set your priorities straight. – If you can’t do it all by yourself, ask for help. – Don’t multi task. Get rid of all distractions. Those social media notifications will only slow you down. – No one knows you better than you know yourself, Identify your most productive time of the day and stick to it. Are you night walker? or for some reason your brain is more active night. Are you a white walker? or does the morning sun just give you so much energy. Use that time to get productive. READ ALSO: Five Ways We Compromise Our Hardwork Now that I know this things, How can I manage my time effectively? Follow this steps and be a master of your time; 1. Plan on paper 2. Set a schedule. Fit your plan into your day, week or month. 3. Allocate a time to each task. 4. Give little time between each so as to rest or to avoid being late. 5. Organise and evaluate your tasks. Write out things you can do that will help you reach your goal faster and get your tasks done better. 6. Set a deadline. Give yourself a personal deadline from the main deadline and take it seriously. This gives you enough time to REVIEW and VALIDATE your work. 7. Once you’ve done steps 1-6, take ACTION on your tasks immediately. 8. Go through your plan every day and check the completed task as you complete them. If you enjoyed reading this, please take out time to LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE this post. Let’s CONNECT on social media
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