I AM NOT ALONE- Written Word

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I am not Alone

Clearly, as I’ve written the words of a hearts mercy cry

Nearly I’ve set my goals so high, a bargain could make me dry

I thought of life as a picture. A memory that you look at when you feel lost

I stare at this picture then I know that I’m alive. Isn’t it strange that the only reminder of life is life itself?

I am not alone

I am lost in the world I see, the focus isn’t on the picture

Mad people wanting to create their nightmares, making real-life pain despicable

No one wants to change; we should be scared of change. Something so different from today is totally irreplaceable.

I don’t know how to put this together maybe you can help me find a rhythm to what my heart wants to say


I am not alone

I have come to realize why my thoughts are so different, maybe I’m different or maybe I’m somewhat special or maybe not.

Maybe I’m over exaggerating on what is or what it is, but really who are you

That is the biggest question I can ever ask. Staring at the eyes of people I know to know but they only just strangers. Humans.

Permit me to repeat a word but not in English this time maybe then someone would understand the words I’m trying to say.

No Estoy Solo

Honestly, can one be so much more than themselves?

Can one want something so much more than themselves?

I got no secrets because I tell myself everything. ‘Don’t cry baby soon the world would hurt no more’.

Really I hope that would be true, but the people who have sworn to serve and protect;

Are the very ones leading us to our very death?

With their delusional thoughts of a better place which is not to be all wrapped up in a word ‘’CHANGE’’

Do they feel their hash kindness no, they enjoy high horses and gold stables, eating their diamonds, hoping we balance it all for ourselves?

They make making money  easy but why are there still poor people

They give rights to people who don’t deserve rights, turn the innocent into criminals

Where is the justice in this picture?

I am not Alone

Hey, there is another delusional statement here ‘’you LOOK BEAUTIFUL’’

This could mean a lot or wait for nothing at all or just an approval that your looks are outrightly acceptable, not stable cause soon a new era comes and then you’re not so beautiful anymore.

Fat                       Fair                        thick lips         Big butt

Thin                      brown                   thin lips                               wide hips

Tall                         chocolate            full brows            flat butt

Short                     white                    big eyes               flat chest

Even Anorexic now fits a description… images we created for ourselves just to

Find an answer to the statement; ‘’ when am I going to be good enough’’

You’re either this or that, just pray mother puts you in the right place or you find yourself doing things.

Things we drive ourselves to do just because we want to look acceptable

Are you a mastermind behind your creation?

Truth is you can never be acceptable, just love yourself first and the rest will follow

I am not alone

The idea of life as a picture has gone vague on me, calling it a picture seems too good or maybe not

Tell me would you describe life as a picture or just a crisis that needs a leader with a sense of what’s not to give. Bad comparison there.


I am not alone

I stand corrected wherever, please?

I’ll take an excuse whenever I please?

I’ll keep my statement whenever I please?

You can choose to keep your sentiments if you please?


I am not Alone

I give care and at the same time don’t care

But I do care enough to wish a farewell, to you who has it all figured out

You who has the world at his fingertips,

you who believes in change,

you who believes in tomorrow,

you who can be anything you want,

you who has a talent for savagery,

you who could do anything you want,

you who have enough to actually change the world,

you who have enough money to destroy the world.

Life would have been harder without you but no thanks should have been our ancestor’s say,

Maybe there wouldn’t have been slavery or any manifestation of power

Maybe we wouldn’t know what the word slavery means and black history wouldn’t have been stray

Maybe racism wouldn’t have existed like the ‘word’ was never used to discriminate a race

Maybe we would have all been like one

I see no difference in blood only; A B AB O

Is there black yellow red or white blood…?

The rainbow has that many colors but never have they been separate.

We caused the divide through change, never did my generation or the generations to come who would come into this world of endless competitions and display of hatred ask for this

I am not alone when I say we never thought this through that the one thing that can destroy us is the very thing we always long for ‘’CHANGE’’

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I Am Yeka Asumah, An ordinary girl from Nigeria with big dreams. I love to write, read, learn and try new things every day. I enjoy the ability to air my voice out, expressions and being able to inspire people with my little thoughts. I hope to one day create an atmosphere where people can drop their challenges and together help solve them... I am on a journey to success and greatness. I would like for you to join me on that journey.


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