Life is A Gift and Not A Task

I have a message for you today
"Life is a Gift and Not a Task"                    
"If we can see each day as a gift, then will we be grateful and contented with what we have and where we are today      


, our lives will be devoid of murmurings and complaining"





            From Our Daily Manner

       I read a story today about a Boy who suffered a rare disease, were his breathing, heart rate, body temperature, oxygenation, digestion wasn't automatic. Do you know that this boy wasn't bordered about his condition because he saw his life as a gift, instead when he had the opportunity to speak with a former U.S. President, his focus was on the problems in Bosnia and Africa.      Also watched the story of the Lady who died of progeria; a genetic condition that causes one to age faster. She knew her life was short but that didn't stop her from being an inspiration to other girls of her age, she called herself firstlady as she was the first African to suffer from this rare condition. Her Life was a gift. She achieved what other girls her age couldnt achieve because She accepted her problem instead of it being against her she was against it,  she felt very special. When she left the world, a deep loss was felt. The message here is that no matter the problem you're facing now, dont let it get the best out of you but get the best out of it. See your life as a Gift and not a task that needs to be completed. Happy New Month Please help promote this blog by sharing through the social media icons below Like|Comment|Subscribe|Follow by clicking on the bottom right icon/ scroll down to follow and stay up to date Please like my Facebook page  Follow me on Instagram|Twitter|Pinterest  


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