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Meet Kaykay Onyeobi| Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger

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   What if I told you, you were crazy. Like what would be your first reaction. Would you first rationalize the possibilities that somehow you just might be crazy?. Any way no one’s crazy right now and nothing you’re reading after this says otherwise.

     I want to introduce you to a visual artist, who some of her works have inspired me. She is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who I discovered via Instagram. Her beautifully, photographed and edited pictures would leave you in awe. Before I take you there, I want you to know a bit more this beauty.

1. Tell us who you are?

   – My name is Kaykay Onyeobi and I am a 21yr old Nigerian fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, creative director and photographer currently based in Famagusta, North Cyprus.    

   I’m a recovering shopaholic who visits the cities of her dreams when she sleeps lol. I’m also a full time chicken lover, like I really would fight for some wings it’s that bad.

2. How did you start KANWULIAA? What makes your blog special/unique?

   – Quick story; when I started blogging, I was focused more on creating style and fashion content. I changed the name and content of my blog in 2016 where I decided I wanted my blog to represent more of who I am as a person.   
Hence the reason I named it Kanwuliaa (that’s my native name) and it’s my identity. I blog about my style, trends I love, skincare, food, photography and basically everything else that interests me.   

I’d say what makes my blog unique is the fact that it’s literally a representation of me, I photograph majority of my visuals and come up with content I know will help people, which is one thing I really love to do… helping others!

3. What has kept you going as a Blogger?    

  Honestly, the bigger picture! I have so many plans for my brand and starting it out as a blog was just the beginning. Sometimes I wanna quit but I remind myself about the bigger goal, this is literally my life.
   Every goal I have aligns with the Kanwuliaa brand so I have no choice but to always keep it moving! 

4. What challenges have you faced from start to present?

 –  Ummm I’d say one of my biggest challenges is definitely consistency, I have a lot of ideas but I don’t have a lot of time and resources to bring them to life.    A lot of people will be surprised but I don’t have my own camera yet lol. I usually rent out whenever I want to shoot or just borrow a friend’s own for now. Getting mine really soon tho so a lot of good content is on it’s way thank God lol.
 Another challenge that I feel really delayed my growth was my mental health, I recently was just able to completely kick depression’s ass and find healing… Those constant lows really stopped me from doing a lot of things because I was in such a terrible place. Also, I’m a lazy person and that gets in the way of alotttt of things, wheew chile!

5. What do you do when you’re not blogging?

– Is that a trick question? I sleep lmao. Jk jk I work as a professional photographer and I’m also currently in university, studying visual arts and visual communications design.  
 That course is no joke lol I barely even have time to do my own thing during the semester. Asides that I’m a lazy homebuddy who likes to binge watch series, oh and I also enjoy cooking a lot so I spend time on that too!

6. Do you plan to go full time blogging ?

– Yes I do! By the time I’m done with uni, I’d be working as a full time blogger and photographer. I’m super excited!

7. Where do you see KANWULIAA in the future?

– I plan to grow the brand into more than just a blog, I can’t say much tho I guess you’ll just have to wait and see lol *winks*

8. With your growth so far, would you say you’re well accomplished as a blogger or are you still getting there?

– Mmm I’d like to think I’m still getting there lol but I really do need to cut myself some slack and be thankful for how far I’ve come.   
  I’m an award winning fashion blogger who has been featured on some amazing blogs including Bella Naija, Radr Online, Linda Ikeji etc…. And now yours too hehe!  I still have a long way to go tho and a lot of exciting new opportunities are on the way, who knows by the time this interview goes up I might have blown lmao

9. Would you say Women in your Niche are supportive of each other? What can be done to improve that area?  

 – Yessss I know a lot of amazing bloggers and content creators who support my work, I love them so much and I support them too.
 We’re all growing and building our empires, it’s very important that we support each other and I think we’re doing a pretty good job at it, from what I see!

10. To be successful means Hard work, How do you stay Motivated?

 – I’m a very self motivated person, I know what I want and exactly what I need to do to get it done. Even on days I feel down, I remind myself of the bigger picture and plan and work towards achieving it!  
  It’s easier said than done sometimes tho, when I feel drained or like my work isn’t good enough, I have a very strong support system, the people around me are always there to remind me of my potential and they keep me on my feet! I’m super thankful for them.

11. How often do you work with Brands and what are your criterias?

 – I get quite a good number of requests to work with brands (my laziness ruins a lot of opportunities tho ( ) but I’m also very picky with who I choose to work with. If a brand’s values doesn’t align with mine or what I stand for, I wouldn’t promote it to my audience. 
When it comes to clothing brands, if it isn’t something I’d buy with my own money then I won’t sell it to others. I also request that I get a free sample of the product I’m being asked to promote and if the brand doesn’t agree to that condition then there’s no deal! If Im gonna tell others to try something out, I wanna make sure it’s something worth their coins, y’know?

12. From whom do you receive your greatest support?
   – My familyyyy and some really amazing loyal supporters. They support my dreams every step of the way and make the fight totally worth it!

13. Who do you look up to in life, Role model or Mentor?
 – My mama bear! She’s the most hard working woman I know and she’s such a generous and kind person. I learned how to give and help others by watching her, she gives even when she doesn’t have enough for herself and that right there is my goals! She’s also a godly woman and if I could be half as committed as she , I’d be the complete package lol

14. What is your best creation ever?
 – My blog! Lol so far so good I guess, I designed it myself and I’m really proud of it. I also have some photographs that I’m still surprised I took lol, when I get my own house I’ll frame them and put them up on my walls for sure

15. What major life choices have you made that has helped to shape you?
  – Eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, exercising regularly and making my self care a top priority have helped to shape me, lool literally! But also making the conscious effort to remain happy no matter what, staying positive and just being a good person, following in Christ’s footsteps, I’m doing a pretty good job if I do say so myself.

16. Have you ever thought of giving up?

 – Girrlllllll tons of times lmao. But I never do and that’s what matters! We all have our lows, times in our lives where we feel like nothing is working out but it’s how you get through those times that make us who we are! It’s okay to not be okay sometimes, take time to make sure you’re okay and then get back up, dust yourself and always keep it moving!

17. What do you have to say to other bloggers, both new and old?

  – Stay true to yourself! It’s easy to get carried away while watching other people’s success, we tend to rush our plans to catch up with others or sometimes feel like what we’re doing isn’t good enough, but you must always remember why you started this! And keep your eyes set on your own game plan (and God too).     Remember it’s not a competition and there’s room for everyone to shine, just keep doing you and keep putting in that good work and your time will come!

18. How often do you connect or reach out to other bloggers ?   

 – Lol not so much lately to be honest, I don’t remember the last time I collaborated with bloggers but I’m working on that I promise. I have a lot of blogger friends I met through social media tho, and we support each other on there!

  19. Share with us few of your favorite bloggers at the moment?

  – Fashion is my fortee, Jto fashion, Tara milk tea, Mossonyi, Tostos, Shewa Jay, Fisayo Longe, Lamic Kirabo, Song of style, Romeos fashion fix, Not jess fashion, and that’s just to name a fewww lol
20. Social Media Handles

Instagram: @kaykayonyeobi
Twitter: @kaykayonyeobi
Facebook: Kaykay Onyeobi

  • What are you addicted to at the moment?
  –   Peanut and almond popcorn
  • What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
  – I was trying to learn the level up dance pretending like a professional dancer (been watching too much hit the floor) and ended up falling on my ass, let’s just say my dancing days are over lool
  •  How would you rate your memory?
 – 11/10 when it comes to receipts and gist lmao and 4/10 when it comes to things I’m actually supposed to remember
  •  If you could get rid of one state in your country which would it be and why?
  – Oyo state, the less yoruba demons the better for us lmao
  •  What would your Autobiography be called?
   – That bitch Kaykay!
  •  If were to learn three foreign languages which would it be and why?
   – Spanish, Arabic and French
  •  If you were on a death row, what would your last meal be?
– Starch and banga, jollof rice, fried rice, fried plantain and grilled chicken, bacon and triple chocolate cake!
  • Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, how weird you can be?
   – Lol 12!
  •  If hunger was a terminal disease, how would you cure it?
  – Through music!
  •  Five places in the world you must visit before you pass? 
Mexico, Thailand, Bali, New York, Paris

  I hope you enjoyed reading this, because I did too. I got interviewed by Megan Elizabethcheck it out.

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