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Meet Winnie Ijay|The Beauty Behind The WinnieVerse

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    Imagine you got a Gift Card that could take you anywhere in the world, where would you go to?.  For me I would love to go to Cuba, I love the culture, language and it’s such a beautiful place.    Today I want to introduce you to a travel and lifestyle blogger, the beauty behind The WinnieVerse. Meet Winnie Ijay

1. Tell us who you are?

–  I’m Winifred Badaiki, currently a student, a travel and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber as well as an aspiring entrepreneur.

2. How did you start Winnie Verse?What makes your blog special?

– I started blogging sometime in 2016 under the name “Winnie’ Blog” but I had it rebranded to

“The Winnieverse” in May 2018. Although I have been very inconsistent with my blogging.

3. What has kept you going as a Blogger?

  – My obsessive love for writing, creating amazing content, capturing breathtaking-pictures, traveling and most importantly the positive feedback I receive.

4. What challenges have you faced from start to present?

  –  One of the biggest challenge I have faced from start to present is just “Consistency” and juggling between school, YouTube and blogging

5. What do you do when you’re not blogging?

 –    If I’m not blogging then I’m either creating content for YouTube or I’m studying for a test lol.

6. Do you plan to go full time blogging ?   

     –  As a matter of fact, yes I do in the nearest future.

7. Where do you see Winnie Verse in the future?

    –  I see The Winnieverse being among the top brands making waves and inspiring thousands of people through my content.

8. With your growth so far, would you say you’re well accomplished as a blogger or are you still getting there?

  –   I’m not even close, but I’m on my way.

9. Would you say Women in your Niche are supportive of each other? What can be done to improve that area?

  – From what I’ve seen so far, I wouldn’t likely call it “support” because what most bloggers want to do is collaborate with already established bloggers for their own interest of course.

   Even majority of the social media accounts that aim at supporting and promoting bloggers, only do so for the well-known bloggers. Hence I doubt there’s any/enough form of support.

10. To be successful means Hard work, How do you stay Motivated?

 – I stay motivated by watching motivational videos and pictures, any bit of growth I observe keeps me motivated to keep keep on growing. 

     Also positive feedbacks from my readers and how inspiring my post is to them keeps me growing.

11. How often do you work with Brands and what are your criterias?

– I haven’t started working with brands yet, I’m still building my foundation and developing myself.

12. From whom do you receive your greatest support?

   –My greatest support, aside from me, comes from my family and best friend Etim Emmanuel .

13. Who do you look up to in life, Role model or Mentor?

     –  I honestly don’t look up to anyone. I just read success stories from successful people, learn from their mistakes and pick whatever I need for my growth then move on. 

14. What is your best creation ever?

   –  My best creation is the image of a woman I created in my head, a woman I want to be in the nearest future and I’m building myself to be that woman in the image.

15. What major life choices have you made that has helped to shape you?

  – Switching schools. It wasn’t really an optional choice, but I must say, that decision lead to my betterment

16. Have you ever thought of giving up?

    – A lot of times! But that thought gets weaker by the moment

17. What do you have to say to other bloggers, both new and old?

     – Blog for the love of blogging, strive to get better at what you do and focus to be better than you were, not better than the blogger next door.

      It’s not a competition!

18. How often do you connect or reach out to other bloggers ?

    – I rarely reach out to other bloggers, I just do my own thing. I don’t even do collaborations yet. 

    But hopefully with time, I would be more engaging in the blogging world.

19. Share with us few of your favorite bloggers at the moment?

    – I’ll get back to you on that lol, I really can’t make a list.

20. Social Media Handles

      InstagramTwitter and Facebook page – @Winnie_Ijay

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Winnie Ijay

  •     What are you addicted to at the moment?

     – Currently addicted to Social media and upgrading my life in every aspect.

  •   Describe your favorite color to somebody who is blind? 

      – It’s gotten from the mixture of red and white, symbolizes feminine. I didn’t say a name but I’m sure you already know what I mean.

  •      If were to learn three foreign languages which would it be and why?

     – If I could learn 3 foreign languages I would pick French, Spanish and Chinese lol Spanish is just so beautiful and melodious to the ear. 

     French is the official lingua franca for most countries after English and finally Chinese will gain me more business opportunities hopefully when I travel to China lol… back to reality, I can’t learn any of them sadly.

  •      If you were a CEO of a company name one thing you would make compulsory and one thing you would ban?

  – I would make constant ‘training and development” for my employees compulsory because I can’t risk being one step behind in this ever growing world of technology. Then I would ban any form of frivolities

  •  On a scale of 1-10, how weird can you be?

       – I’m breaking that scale.

          I hope you enjoyed reading this, because I did too. I got interviewed by Megan Elizabethcheck it out.

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