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My DIY Growth Oil recipe

I am recently on a protective style (faux locs to be precise) and I intend to use it to retain length and grow length as well, cause its great for that.

I browsed through tons of YouTube videos and articles looking for growth oil recipes but none of them had any of the products I had available at the moment. So I fashied( forgot about it) and decided to stick with what I have.

Sorry there is no pictorial representation for this, at the time I made it I  had no thoughts of making a post out of it, but I’ll try to give a really detailed explanation.

Ingredients- Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Amla Oil.

Am going to briefly talk about their properties, so you can know their significance and why they would work.

Coconut Oil- 

  •      Prevents split ends, improves elasticity, strengthen your hair shaft

Olive Oil- 

  •      Prevents dandruff , promotes scalp health, rich in vitamin E and promotes growth

Amla Oil- A.K.A Indian gooseberry

  •    Good cure for hair loss, thickens hair, strengthens hair follicles, increases blood circulation in the scalp thus stimulating hair growth

Procedure- I started with my extra virgin Oil. Took  two can top (cover of a disposable plastic can like the coca-cola cans) full into my applicator bottle, followed with four can top full of my coconut oil and then the amla oil which was about six to seven can top full, I just made sure the amla oil was more. With all of them added I shook the applicator bottle and observed the color change, it turned a shade of green lighter than the color of the amla oil which is sea weed green in colour. There you have it, your growth oil ready for use.

I started applying the growth oil the first day I installed them faux locs and continued to do so everyday, massaging the oil into my scalp. Its been two weeks now and I must say the faux locs have gotten less tighter than they were when I first installed them. Now they look like they’re ready to take down with all the new growth but am not taking it down lol. I didn’t measure the length but am sure its more than an inch. I also checked the strength of my shedded hair and they’ve gotten a lot stronger, unlike my hair that could break at a stretch but now it took more effort. So its not only a growth oil but it can add strength to your hair as well as volume.

Feel free to try it out and if you would like to get the exact products I used ,just comment down below and I’ll hit you up.
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