My Facial Skincare Therapy

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My facial skincare therapy is always naturally based. I don’t like to use Chemically enhanced or processed facial products because I have a really sensitive skin and it can get really bad with using bad products. Like when I purchased a turmeric facial mask I didn’t expect my face to get tons of breakouts as I usually used the natural turmeric powder on my face and it did amazing stuff, but the processed one did nothing but bad.

  So my lesson here is to always know what’s good for your skin.

My Skincare Therapy, 

I use:
-Turmeric powder
-Activated charcoal
-Baking powder 
-Coconut oil
-Brown sugar
-Aloe vera

 I use them on my face on a daily basis but not all at once.
The brown sugar I use it once a week for exfoliation I either combine it with coconut oil, honey or lemons. This mixture is very good if you want to get rid of dead skin cells and blackheads.
I apply baking powder paste to mask my face every morning it helps to cleanse my face of deep-rooted dirt and reduces whiteheads.
 I apply aloe vera on my face once in a while. This is because it has a tendency of making my skin dry out. Whenever I use it I always apply a moisturizer to help soothe the skin.

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The activated charcoal mask is Bae. If you don’t have any other of this ingredients you should and must get activated charcoal. Its perfect for getting rid of spots, whiteheads, good exfoliant, blackhead removal and it can even help you remove pus from pimples instead of bursting them which leaves dark spots on your face. 


Finally Powder, powder helps reduce breakouts by drawing out the excess oils in the skin and helps to keep your face smooth. Do endeavor to use a talc-free powder. 

   We all want a flawless skin I am driving at that but right now my face isn’t all that flawless, but it is smooth enough. With my skincare routine, I can go out without makeup.  You can achieve this by taking good care of your skin. You have to be careful always of what you apply on your face if you haven’t tried it before you must test it before use.

This is basically my simple facial skincare therapy.

Which of these Natural Products would you be trying out?

As we learn every day
If there are Natural products you’ve used that have worked Please share in the comment.
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