Setting Your New Year Goals Right|Dec 29

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I’m sorry guys, I had a technical difficulty and couldn’t put up any entry. The days have gone already and we just have less than three days to New Year. Are you ready?, well does one have to be ready for the new year. This is the period were we get out our pens and put down things about how we gonna change, how the new year is a new you but nothing actually gets new about you. we have to go into the new year with a fresh perspective, with a recharge, with sparking fire. The beginning of the year comes with a lot of dedication and thats when you can fulfill your unfulfilled goals or new goals. Then as the year starts getting old and its not so new again we start to forget our drive and purpose for the year. Our new year resolutions shouldn’t just be based only on our new goals or renewed goals, it should also be based on keeping the drive fresh. The major reasons why our goals end up not being fulfilled are:
  1. We expect so much from ourselves and end up getting disappointed which later leads to giving up.

  2. We always forget the reason we pursued such goals and only focus on the end results. When the end results dont come as we’ve planned, we end up slacking back.

  3. We sometimes forget our goals by being carried away by a much difficult goal.

The best way to achieve goals is to start from the one that seems easier and when you achieve that one, it will make you want to do so much more but when you start from the big mega goals it becomes so difficult to achieve that you give up and get nothing done at all. Your goals are for you and not for anyone else. Its your decision and how ever you choose to go around it, is based on you. Set goals that will give you purpose for the whole year, something thats going to affect everyday of your life 2018 to productivity. Set goals that will not only improve you physically but mentally and socially too. I urge you to think twice about your new year resolutions, because its not only to write them down but is to get to the end of the year and say that I actually got it done. My new year resolution for 2017 was to loose weight and Did i loose weight?, well yes I did. I went into the year weighing 68kg and i’m leaving the year 57kg. Thats a goal achieved . I haven’t figured out what my 2018 goal would be. Earlier 2017 i didn’t plan on blogging but here I am having fun doing what I love. So one goal is not too small to go into the year with. Some of us write up endless list of things to do in the new year and end up not doing them. That thing that’s more important to you should be your major and only goal to go into the year with. When you’re half way done with it you can always add up new goals…

Set your goals right
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