How to use Coffee for your Skin care

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We all know coffee as the perfect mega caffeinator and an antioxidant… Most of us take coffee regularly during the day or at nights as the case may be but do we actually use coffee enough?, to its potential I mean. There are different great things coffee can be used for but in this post I will be talking about six of them that I can readily relate to. They are;
  1. Body scrub and treatments: Coffee grounds are good exfoliants and when combined well they can be used as body scrubs. They have a cleaning ability and can draw out diets from the skin. A combination of coffee grounds + coconut oil + sugar + ground cinnamon is the perfect body exfoliating scrub. They can also be used to treat various minor skin conditions like pigmentation,discoloration, rash and bumps.
  2. Hair treatment: Coffee can be used in temporary dyeing the hair. It doesn’t add damage to the hair as its of natural source instead leaves it with more shine and luster. Also used as a mix in protein treatment for damaged hair.
  3. Palate Cleanser: You know when you go to a perfume store and get very confused on what spray to get when all the good fragrance mixes together, smelling coffee can clear your palate enabling you to be able to differentiate fragrances.
  4. Puffy eye and Eye bag removal: A blend of coconut oil and coffee grounds with a drop of your favorite essential oil applied to your under eye will help reduce puffy eyes and eyebags.
  5. Cellulite removal: Coffee is efficient for the removal of cellulite. As coffee already has a weight loss potent when applied directly to the skin can help firm the skin and restore the youthness of the skin, it is also efficient for reduce wrinkles.
  6. Skin tann: Do you want to hit the beach this weekend and want to have that urban skin glow. Coffee has got you covered apply a coffee ground  + lotion mix to the exposed skin area overnight and wash of in the morning and you’re tanned to go!.. It also has SPF properties so you have a tanner and a SUV ray protector..
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