The Hooded Eyed Girls Guide to Applying  Eye Makeup

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 How to Cover Hooded Eyes or Drooping Eyelid Do you have Chinese eyes? Do you have natural droopy eye lids?  Yea if you are in this category like me you might be finding it hard to apply makeup to suit your eyes.. I have a good news for you. I am here to help you discover your signature make up look to make those eyes pop.
  •  Oil control– Apply an oil control powder or primer to eye.
  • Don’t apply too much foundation– Most foundations have oil and if you too much it can make bags more visible when sweating or when the makeup start to wear out.
  • Draw Eye brows to be away from the eye lids creating a curve instead of it being straight and edgy.
  • Apply concealer to Lid– This helps to create an illusion that the eye area is even.
  • Use light Eye shadows – use light weight shadows on the baggy area preferably use colors slightly darker than your normal skin tone.
  • Use pop colors or glitters below the bag.
  • Always line your eyes- This is a rule to live by. Lining your eyes will make your eyes pop dividing attention from the bags.
  • Apply dark shadows on the fold– This will hide the bag folds and creates an essential look.
  • Fix in Some EyeLash to Take the look to the Next level.
There you have it a complete guide to applying eye makeup if you have drooping eyelid Do you have hooded or drooping eyelid? Let me know how you apply your makeup image source Please help promote this blog by sharing through the social media icons below Like|Comment|Subscribe|Follow by clicking on the bottom right icon/ scroll down to follow and stay up to date Please like my Facebook page  Follow me on Instagram|Twitter|Pinterest  

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