The Life Trivia

Many of us live out our life not being aware of ourselves.Now the future we see is like something we expect to be good,living with no hope for tomorrow like a clock without a minute hand  but “your future can only be good If you work on the present and reflect on the past”. I encourage you to take this TRIVIA. Being able to answer this questions gives you a bigger picture of what life expects from you.   Who am I? What have I become? What will I become? What is my dream? Where does my passion lie? In five years time what would I have achieved? What can I do to make life worth living? What is my present goal? Suicide?, That is not an option How do I achieve these goals and improve my perspective?     Write down these questions and ponder upon their answers.      Once in a while go through them because it would help you find a purpose and keep focus. Please help promote this blog by sharing through the social media icons below LIKE-COMMENT Follow my blog by clicking on the bottom right icon/ scroll down to follow and stay up to date Connect with me on InstagramTwitter   Thanks for reading


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