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Wash Day Routine

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I always try to keep my wash days simple but no matter how I try it’s always time-consuming. I wash my hair once in a month protective style or not. You might want to ask why I do that, the reason is that I don’t have that much time within a week to do have a wash so I tend to use fewer products on my hair to prevent product build-up and an itchy scalp. Washing your hair every week may remove the natural hair oils in your hair causing your hair to dry out, break, lose its shine and grow less. It is important to find the washing balance that works with your hair. When I used to wash my hair every week, I noticed that it got really dry causing me to apply more products to it so it doesn’t get so dry it breaks. Instead of me washing my hair every day, I co-wash once to twice a week. For my wash day I always start with detangling, I noticed when I detangled my hair after washing there are more frizz and tangles due to a lot scrubbing and mushing. I detangle my hair with a pre-poo set or I pre-poo with melted shea butter and a damp hair which helps the detangling process. As I detangle In parts I make a twist all round as I go, I use a shower comb to detangle.  
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  Once done with the detangling I hit the shower to wash my hair with African black soap ( Dudu Osun). After washing my hair thoroughly I use my black and lovely moisturizing conditioner or my Koils by Nature- Fragrance-free hydrating SheaAloe Creamy conditioner, let it sit for 30mins before rinsing out.  
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  I take down the twists on by one finger detangling them as I apply my Koils by nature ultra moisturizing CocoAloe Deep Conditioner with Argan Oil or  Opiumee Deep Root Recovery Conditioner. I seal with a shower cap and go do other things leaving it for about an hour before rinsing it out. I then apply my oils and Whipped Shea butter with glycerine and honey to seal, I either style the hair or put it in a flat braided cornrow.   
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  That’s it for my wash day routine. What is your wash day routines like? is it messy, time-consuming, a day you look forward to or not worthwhile?. I would love to know.   Please support this blog by sharing this post on your various social media platform, your reach out can be of help to someone out there. Thanks If you enjoy reading this blog and would want to receive email updates on new posts, you can sign up for our Newsletter   Follow me on Twitter  Facebook  Pinterest Instagram  

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