What are you Thankful For? 

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       There is so much to be thankful for this season. A lot has happened this year, so many lives lost to cancer, epidemics, natural disasters, malaria, poverty, social crisis and the rest but you’re here alive reading this,  isn’t that something to be thankful for?. 
     You have eyes may not be all that perfect but you still can see, be thankful!.       You are breathing through your nose with no support or aid, be thankful!.        The last time you made a trip to the hospital was for a common cold, be thankful!  You can run to pick up the phone because you heard it ring, you can respond to the caller and also cause you can run, be thankful!  You have the strength to laugh or even happy enough to put a smile on your face, be thankful!  You can get pregnant, be thankful!  You didn’t lose any family member and ya’ll together for thanksgiving feast, be thankful!  You can afford to have three square meals everyday, with a roof over your head,  be thankful!  That you don’t have a disease or life threatening health condition, be thankful!  You can go to school and study comfortably knowing your tution is there, be thankful ! You have beautiful healthy children, be thankful!  You have a br**st to feed your children, be thankful!  You can use the restroom with no problem, be thankful!  You aren’t alone because you have people who love and care about you, be thankful!  You have a job with a pay no matter how little or too much, be thankful! You can communicate with people and the world around with ease, no problem because you have no psychological disorder, be thankful!  You have both parents and siblings, be thankful!  You have people you care so much about, be thankful!  You have no suicidal or depressive thoughts, be thankful!  You read, write and understand ,be thankful!  You’re intelligent, be thankful!  You write exams and pass on first seating, be thankful!  That you don’t spend your job pay on endless medical bills, be thankful!  You have no worries, be thankful!  You have a child, be thankful!  You have a husband, a wife, be thankful!  You can afford to host thanksgiving this year, buy turkey and the rest, be thankful!           “Thanksgiving is not all about the feast or that you get to take a timeout for yourself, look around yourself, look at your life there are many things you take for granted that you should be thankful for because that thing you’re taking for granted is someone’s life long prayer. So give thanks not just today but everyday, appreciate everything and everyone you’ve got, be the with one’s you love, you don’t know if it’s the last chance you get. Enjoy the feast but don’t forget to be thankful, forget your worries and appreciate the ones you are not worrying about. Another way to be thankful is to give, that which you have in excess someone has so little even none and also in that effect someone would give to you too”
      Happy Thanksgiving to you!     There really is so much to be thankful amidst all our problems and needs. I am thankful for everything God has done for me this year, He showed me who he is and how much I need him in my life. I am thankful that I am alive, whole and healthy. I am thankful for my family and everyone that have impacted greatly into my life, that includes you. I have so much to be thankful for that if I continue this post may never end. You have a lot to be thankful, look around you and you’ll see.          I would like to know, what is that special thing you’re thankful for this year and this season?, what are you having for thanksgiving this year? and who are you spending thanksgiving with?…       On the last note, I’ll like to thank every one of my followers for being here with all my inadequacies, with the support no matter how little as a like and a comment, i’m grateful.. I have no voice without you guys… I hope you recognize what you have and be thankful, everything you hope to accomplish before the year runs out will be successful and I pray to see you all in 2018.. Sincerely,  Yeka

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