What Christmas In Nigeria feels like-DEC 25th

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First of all, I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy NEW year, I hope you all are enjoying the festivity and holidays. Christmas in Nigeria feels very warm, not because of the dry harmattan season but the warmth of having your families together is what makes it great. This year I’m spending my Christmas with my family. We cooked together, had our meals together though its an everyday thing today was just special cause its Christmas and so much jolly. Nigerians can cook on Christmas day eh like there is no tomorrow. We would cook for ourselves, cook for visitors, cook for neighbors if possible cook for the full country. Christmas day is the day were all the people who you thought have forgotten you will remember you and even come to your house to taste your cooking skills, if possible take something for the road too. It’s really fun, I get tired of serving people food mostly. Christmas be turning me into a waitress, lol. On Christmas day in Nigeria, there are  different kinds of families, I am going to list a few:
  • There are the kind of families that just cook and wait for visitors to come so you can serve them the goodies you prepared. imagine a situation where they don’t get visitors, these days that the world is so bad and no one eats each other’s food. it’s gonna be hard for them to waste such food. That is were you hear someone is still eating Christmas food in New Year.
  • There are the ones that never cook if at all they cook it’s so little and just for the family. it’s not because they’re poor, its because they don’t want to cook what they won’t finish as they’ve planned to go out. they aren’t going out to a fast food or restaurant they are the ones that go house to house visiting their friends and sometimes enemies, your friend can be your enemy ( we just never know) to eat and jolly Christmas with them.
  • There are the families that don’t spend their Christmas at home, either they’re in the villa or they’re in one hotel just chilling. I rather be in a hotel chilling, than to be in Villa.
  • There are the families that storm all the Christmas parties both the one for kids and adult. Some of them are there for their kids or they’re there to share some gift or money to kids or they just like to party.
  • There are also the families that either spend their Christmas in church or dont go to church at all.
  These families are the few I have studied, which type of family has taken your interest on Christmas day? Another thing to know about Christmas in Nigeria is that if you running a business like fast food, resort, hotel, bars and so on, on Christmas day you will make so much money. Christmas day comes with so many blessings, tap into it that grace. That’s it for today, How are you celebrating CHRISTMAS?  I would love to know please leave a comment down below THANK YOU, WISHING YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, MUCH GRACE AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR        

I Am Yeka Asumah, An ordinary girl from Nigeria with big dreams. I love to write, read, learn and try new things every day. I enjoy the ability to air my voice out, expressions and being able to inspire people with my little thoughts. I hope to one day create an atmosphere where people can drop their challenges and together help solve them... I am on a journey to success and greatness. I would like for you to join me on that journey.

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