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What happens when you wear a Bun too Long?

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It really breaks my heart to say this, I love wearing my natural hair up all the time. Buns are just so perfect when you like having a bad hair day or if you missed a wash day. Days like that which are very common for me I just do buns whichever way I want, do a bit of artsy at the tips of my hair, apply my edge control gel and am good to go. The thing now is I began to suffer a lot the more I wore my hair up.   I usually wear my buns with elastic bands or rubber bands but my research made me find out that they are wrong to use.

           The best kind of fittings to use to do your buns are cotton bands, yarns and iron less loose elastic bands, the adjustable elastic bands and tiny scarf are good as well.Elastic bands restrict the flow of blood freely in the scalp and when a specific area doesn’t receive enough blood, nutrients needed for hair growth and stability are not received as the blood is the main source. Over time the hair cells begin to get weak and start to split, some people may develop alopecia in the spots where they wear their bands.

      One may also have scalp injuries caused when you remove the band as blood rush to flow that spot can become itchy because of the pressure of the flow, also accumulated sweat as a result of lack of air getting into that spot. Severe headaches and migraines can also occur from wearing buns too long. If you must wear a bun;
  • don’t use tight elastic bands get the loose ones 
  • Always make sure your strands are well moisturized to prevent breakage and stripping.
  • You must not be wet when you wear a bun.
  • Give your hair breaks, allowing the hair to breathe once in a while.
  • If you like me and love buns a lot, there a many other styling methods to suit your personal taste.
  • Try out new things, don’t be fixed.
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All these are required in our journey to acquiring and retaining hair length.

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