What I Wish I Did More in 2017|Dec 17th

There are a lot of things I did this year which got me where I am today. I was wondering for a bit that if I had done those things more just maybe things would have turned out better. What do you think?.

Here are five things I wish I did more this year.

  1. I wish I smiled more :

This doesn’t mean I was depressed or any other stuff. I was just always preoccupied. I wore a thinking face all year. Wherever I was, I was thinking about ways to improve my blog, my life and every other thing. I always had a book with me were I scribble down the plans I have thought about which later become goals that I end of achieving. I was too serious this year, I didn’t make out time for myself to socialize, meet new people, gain new interests. I was just busy developing myself I forgot I always wore a smile. I was super stressed from keeping late nights working that I’d look like a log the following day. My Course mates often call me a ghost in day light or someone that just always looks confused. I would really like to change that in 2018.

2. I wish I read More:

When 2017 began, I had a goal of reading 10 inspirational books before the year ends. I got to read one “No Excuses ” by Brian Tracy. A great book for business minds and entrepreneurs. The book was really good, tho I didn’t finish it, I only read the parts that were related to me and was what I wanted. So what happened to the remaining 9, well I’d be laying around giving my self excuses not to. I’d have the book with me but just to open it to read, I would find myself doing something else. I really want to renew that goal and do more reading in 2018 because you develop yourself faster through reading. Books I would start my 2018 with are: ” Talent is Never Enough”- John C Maxwell and 80/20 Principle- Richard Koch.

3.I wish I listened to More Music:

I used to be a music lover but for some reason I stopped listening to music. My music affair was affected because I was trying to be more spiritual and a lot of music out there don’t say the nicest things and finding good music in such genre wasn’t particularly sooting as i am very selective. Another reason was that head phones and ear piece give me headaches/migraines, being in school you can’t play your music out loud and be disturbing people’s peace. Hopeful next year I intend to listen to music more if I find good music that suit’s my style, I am always about what it says. You know music speaks, it just has to be a language you understand.

4. I Wish I went out more:

In school its bad enough I don’t get a social life and at home I’d just want to be free but no they just gonna have me indoors, all bored and stuck on my phone (Thank God for who invented phone, if not this girl would have died from being bored). Being the last child and African parents be over protective, if you know how they can be. Next year, if not before the year ends I want to go out meet my high school friends, go to the cinema, take lovely outdoor pictures and just turn up. I just wanna be free!!

5. I Wish I Saved More:

I was always good with keeping cash but this year was bad for me, somehow I’d find myself just spending money on rubbish. Well most of them went to data subscription for internet which I use for blogging and watching YouTube videos. Am I the only one that can’t help it with YouTube videos?… Hopefully next year I would save more to enable me buy a domain and web hosting for my blog. Right now I’m just so broke and it’s Christmas, not expecting Christmas presents because I don’t think anyone would get me any. Nevertheless, I got a smile on my face…For real!

That’s it for today’s entry, I would love to know what you wish you did more this year?.

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