What it feels like to be a Pharmacy Student in Nigeria|DEC 20th

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   First things first, Being a pharmacy student generally is not easy especially in Nigeria.  I think it would be easier abroad well what do I know.  As a pharmacy student, we are seen as being next to doctors. If you’re not a Medical student, you’re either a Pharmacy student or a Nurse.           In Nigeria not much people, in fact a lot of people are unaware of what exactly our roles as Pharmacists are, they just think we open up pharmacies and sell drugs and it annoys me that people just think i will graduate and start selling drugs by the road side or in drug store as a chemist. Like i’m not a chemist but a Pharmacist but some Nigerians just don’t see that.            In Nigeria, as a pharmacy student alot is expected of you. We are seen to be as smart as doctors because chemistry is a lot of deal but actually it isn’t that big of a deal. There’s a greater work aside from the chemistry which is practically in everything  we do, but knowing plants and recognising them from their botanical name , source, cultivation and use.  Like there are so many plants in the world and just in Nigeria, we’ve got a lot of herbs. I think studying plants is my only challenge for now cause it gets confusing . People expect us to know everything about chemistry like we are not chemist for christsake. If it comes to drugs, their interaction and what to take then yes we are your people.        In Nigeria, pharmacy students go through a lot with practicals. Some schools having poor resources and leaving students poorly trained. The lecturers only give the little they can and expect us to get the whole picture. So we have to study more to ace the course. Truth be told they can’t teach it all, they only do their best to push us to our best.        Also in Nigeria Pharmacy exams aren’t easy. If the lecturers cant kill you with their practicals or rigorous course work, then it’ll have to be their exams. They can be deadly but as a boss we always scale throught and they be like ‘i’ll get ya’ll next time’. Truth be told I write more exams than Medical Students like is that fair?..  Lastly in Nigeria, Pharmacy Students receive a lot of respect and regard from knowledgeable people who know what we are up to. We are always coordinated which is great. I am so proud of who we are.      I have a question for you,  a Doctor or a Pharmacist who is more Important in the medical field?..  Let’s make it a debate would love to here from you guys.  So let’s get talking 

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