Why is affiliate Marketing not working for me 

Affiliate Marketing is one of the many ways to monetize a site, by getting commissions for sales made from  referrals. Somehow I just cant figure it out, I have read tons of articles and watched tutorials but none have seemed to help me. I still wonder how people are able to make millions from reviews and affiliate marketing.   I applied for amazon but I couldn't get pass the phone verification ( for some reason amazon won't call me). I was rejected by fiverr, max bounty and eBay. Am still waiting to be accepted by federated media and I just might not get accepted. One of the reasons I feel is behind my being rejected is my country. Why can't Nigerians be allowed to make free money online. Paypal doesn't recognize us, even some of the affiliate marketing have restrictions to Nigerian citizens ( I.e Nigeria is not listed among the countries allowed to apply) e.g Click Bank. Gosh this is really frustrating ( I'd elope if I could).         Amongst all odds I was accepted by two shopping sites in my country konga and Jumia. Their commissions aren't that much and their product delivery is just within some African countries. I don't know what to do , I really need help with this.       Am open to suggestions, tips, experiences, guides whichever you can offer..


  1. i think its because you dont have a custom domain for i was applying for that also and thats what popped up………..
    but i still find all of that seems so complicated thou

  2. Enjoyed the read, very interesting. I love affiliate marketing and I am also brilliant at gaining referrals after referrals. I got over 1000 for the Online4Cash site. Google it it’s a good site to earn cash from. I am following you so I can read more.

  3. HEy there, affiliate marketing is a great resource for making money. Ive been doing it for some time now, and I can tell you, it’s a great resource (lol). Two options that come to mind is finding someone in the U.S. that can get you setup OR as mentioned above, make sure you have a custom domain. Check out the link in bio if you need more help, or pm me.

  4. Not having a custom domain cannot stop you from making money with affilate marketing, I have been making money online with affiliate marketing even before I bought my domain name. How? Using pinterest. Pinterest is the best platform to sell your affiliate products. I am a Nigeria blogger also like you, I couldn’t be able to use amazon or clickbank, but yet I still have a better affiliate program that I joined. You can join Admitab. Admitab is an affiliate program that work in conjuction with over 60 affiliates networks.Once you join Admitab, from there you begin to join all the programs that are available.

  5. Well, I don’t know about the whole Nigeria not being on the list, well I feel bad for you guys in case it’s not there just for the sake of it. Anyways, Amazon does not take in any subdomains, try s few other affiliate marketing sites, admitab is a new one. I have been reading articles about affiliate marketing and I will try and earn from it soon.

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